An epic arcade action 2d platformer with insane boss battles! Retro Pixel Smasher will smash your nostalgia factor exactly where you are craving it most. Smashing bricks, blasting enemies, conquering levels and destroying the final boss – you can be sure it will be a fun action-packed ride! With amazing costumes, big weapons, epic powerups and easy controls – Retro Pixel Smasher will hit that sweet spot, making you having hours and hours of fun!

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First Post!



Hey guys

We have been working on a 2D platformer game, Retro Pixel Smasher. The focus is to make it fun & challenging with a little story line to give it some meaning and survival mode for quick coin collections.

Initial Idea

  • 2D Platformer that is easy to control on mobile
  • Make use of some old/new school platformer game obstacles - but not to exactly mimic (mario, ice climber, meatboy)
  • Introducing new mechanics
  • Vertical game play - end of level is at top of level (where boss fights will be)
  • Arcade styled game feel with visuals and audio FX

Four worlds have been completed thus far:

  • World 1: Meadow
  • World 2: Underground cave
  • World 3: Dungeon
  • World 4: Jungle Temple

There is quite a bit of work left to be done:

  • Level building
  • level mechanics and obstacles
  • Powerups
  • Enemies and AI
  • Player Store/Upgrades
  • Overall polish of every element and testing

Open Beta [early access] on Google Play:

Guinea Pixel link to game overview and story line:



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