- Red Frontier 2 -

Red Frontier is a sandbox Thriller/action game where you need to use your available tools and plan with them to confuse the monster and escape from the planet Gliese Cc. You'll need to unlock stations and lift the lockdown to escape


- Sci-Fi Thriller - You were supposed to wake up with hundreds of people to build a peaceful community. Yet you're alone, falling to the planet's atmosphere. And a horde of creatures below waiting to hunt you down. Something bad happened to the people on the planet. it's up to you to find clues to the past and it will reveal your future.

- Formidable Enemies - A massive snake trying to figure out your every move is not the only threat. Man-sized Centipedes roam the stations and crush everything with their superhuman strength. Centipedes can be taken care of but they'll not go down easily. You'll need to outwit them with every tool and gadget at your disposal.

- Stealth - Creatures have different sets of senses. They can hear, smell or see their surroundings. But they have weaknesses too. You'll hide under tables, air ducts, out of their sights. Or you can confuse them using the interactive environment.

- Open-World Exploration - After the main mission starts, you'll have a set of objectives and it can be completed in any way or any order. The vast world of Gliese will be open and you'll explore the wastelands however you want.

- Interactive World - Nearly every object can be interacted and will have a use one way or the other. Some may not affect you directly but a keen mind can use unconventional tactics to their advantage.

- Resource Management - You'll manage your core resources and will decide what to take with you or what to leave behind. Every decision in that regard will open another option for you but close the other one.

- Develop Your Play Style - There's more than one way to play the game. You can go fast and quick, or slow and steady. You can mix aggressiveness with stealth or trap your enemies with intricate tactics. As you progress in the game, you'll develop your style and that will be unique to you.

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Wishlist NOW to be a part of the development!

Here's the Teaser Trailer!

Check out the demo for the game on IndieDB!

RF2 Demo Windows

Our Vision On The Features Of Red Frontier 2

Let's talk about the features we prioritize after the release of the demo.


Intense Stealth

The main feature of nearly every horror game is stealth. So we are going to try our best to make it fun, easy, and innovative. While we try various ideas and concepts for stealth we will take suggestions and feedback from our community, which you can join easily.

More engaging Snake

if you played the Red Frontier one, you will know our main enemy is a giant alien snake. But this time, there will be more interaction and it will feel like it actually wants to kill you.


More engaging Centipede

The second creature, the centipede is in pretty good place apart from certain small problems. Summer festival demo will show us that is it too hard or too difficult. We will change and improve its behavior after that.

Station to Station Travel

Stations will be more than one room safehouses. They will have their own problems to solve and you will travel between them by driving, using a train, or walking. There’ll be options and they will all come with a different side effect.



We designed several transportation techniques. Driving a futuristic car is the best one. Our priority will be making that a reality but when it succeeds or fails, we plan on making several transportation options to provide choices to you, the player.

Strategic Planning

For now, there’s not much planning involved but when the game becomes more structured, there’ll be more tools to make planning more rewarding. Of course, you will be able to freely choose to go in first and improvise later but a lot of tools will be available for more planner type players.



We have some ideas on that but community feedback will help us a lot through this and we plan to include gadgets for every playstyle.

Randomly generated Characters

We want to create unique characters that will feel different each playthrough. This feature might add a rogue-like feeling to the game. So for now, it is not ready but we have some ideas to make it a reality

These will be our priority after the demo releases and you can follow the development and help us make a great and unique game experience.

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FF3: Among the mist


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FF2: Different spaces, different enemies


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Try Out Our New & Updated Steam Autumn Festival Demo!

Try Out Our New & Updated Steam Autumn Festival Demo!


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The Demo, The Bug And The Snake

The Demo, The Bug And The Snake


We talked about which features are in the Steam Game Festival Demo.

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