Blow everything up in this explosive physics-based game where you must not die when everyone is trying to attack you. You can select multiple classes from a shotgun to a rapid fire grenade launcher! Collect cash by killing enemies and use that cash to purchase classes and maps.

The gameplay? Well, just shoot all enemies and take advantage of the surrounding explosives to survive. You can buy new maps and new classes to get the highest score.

If you are feeling bored and want to see some cool explosions, then this is the right game for you!

In Ragdolls N Explosions, every mechanic is physics-based so you can make most objects go flying!

What are you waiting for? Play it now and enjoy cool explosions with lots of ragdolls, IN SLOW MOTION!

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New 2.0 update


New update features :
- 2 new classes

- 1 new map

- 4 different bosses

- Option to enable/disable always render ragdolls

- Updated tutorial map

Bug fixes :
- Fixed jumping

- Rifle and Laser launcher class will now shoot properly

- Fixed UI placements

- Cursor will now be hidden


New classes

new map

Boss Fights

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