Explore, immerse, socialise, hang out but most importantly: Quest! A simplistic Fantasy Online RPG aimed for fun, easy to learn play! The game will initially be available for PC only with the possibility of other platforms later on after release. Main Game Features: - Old school graphics and hand crafted landscapes - Play Online Anytime, Anywhere! - Accessible and Fun - A huge world to explore! - Add to the world yourself! (Player Homes and Community editable areas) - Familiar gameplay like the games of old! (Zelda is a good example) - Multiple Classes - Multiple Social Aspects! - Frequent Updates Guaranteed! - Much More to come!

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Hello again, it's been a while!

We've been hard at work crafting the game world and seeing about getting the base features implemented and here is what we have for you so far, I'll explain the different features in detail under bolded titles.

- Customisable Interface -

That's right, you will now be able to drag any interface element around the screen to position it exactly where you want it to be. Some elements can even be resized to any shape you want along with setting up your skill bar to the most efficient shape or your preferred shape so you really can customise how you play the game.

- Guilds -

Guilds are now confirmed and ready to be implemented, they will function in a very familiar way and allow a lot of community aspects to make them worthwhile. Things such as guild levels, guild currencies and guild quests will be available for players to take part in, there is a lot more coming so stay tuned!

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