Quest for Conquest is a 2D-group management game, where you play as the leader of a ragtag caravan. Travel around a fantasy land where 4 different cultures have merged, but not always peacefully. Disarray is spreading through the land, and the ruler is doing nothing about it, so maybe it's time to replace them.

Asking politely most likely won't do the job, so you're going to need an army if you wish to take over the capital. But remember, this is going to be a dangerous journey, so you should always think carefully about the choices you make. It's hard to be a leader if you, and your troops are all dead.

Raise your sword

  • ...and promptly put it back down, after you realize that you’re not much of a warrior. Perhaps the role of a leader will suit you better.

Gather your troops

  • Recruit characters from 4 different races, and turn your ragtag group into a formidable army.

Travel across the land

  • Explore a kingdom, where the ideologies and cultures of 4 different races have merged.

Discover events & encounters

  • During your quest, you will come across different types of events and encounters that require you to make choices. Poor decisions may quickly lead to your downfall, so choose wisely.

Manage your caravan

  • Use resources to upgrade and expand your humble little caravan, and turn it into a force to be reckoned with. You need to be ready for battles at all times, so keeping your troops well-fed is also a must. Nobody wants to go to war on an empty stomach.

Lead your forces to battle

  • Just remember your role, and leave the fighting to the real warriors. After all, you need to stay alive if you wish to see your quest to the end.
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The time has come, the time to look back at all the months of development that have gone by. It feels like just yesterday when we started working on Quest for Conquest, and now it's finally out on Steam. Our team had released 1 game before this, but in many ways this one feels just as special as the first.

"But what is this game anyway" I hear you ask. Well, luckily we have a launch trailer that shows off exactly what Quest for Conquest is all about:

If this has peaked your interest, check out our Steam page here:

We're also doing a launch discount for it, so you can save up a bit by getting it now!

Fresh new gameplay from Quest for Conquest and release date info

Fresh new gameplay from Quest for Conquest and release date info


Some new gameplay clips from the upcoming caravan management game, Quest for Conquest. Also, some new info about the release date

Quest for Conquest - Gameplay Trailer

Quest for Conquest - Gameplay Trailer


Quest for Conquest is coming to Steam this month! It is a 2D-caravan management game for PC, where you play as the leader of a ragtag caravan. Travel...


Looks beautiful!

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