The game is divided into three chapters, each with different environment, new levels, own boss fight and story development.

Pyramid Rush is intended to be diverse, so the player will not get bored by doing the same thing again and again. So there are four different types of gameplay, that are described below.

It also contains a fourth wall breaking plot, which tells a story about a bug that changed the game and it is your quest to get rid of it!

Unobvious puzzles

Numerous physics-based puzzles that will require logical resolution and attention to details

Challenging platformer levels

Many precise-platformer levels that will push you to the limit with different traps

Breathtaking boss fights

A unique boss fight after each chapter is complete

Intriguing plot

Surprising plot twists in a mysterious ancient pyramid dungeon

Fun minigames

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Pyramid Rush- is diverse puzzle-platformer, that constantly breaks the fourth wall. Resolve physics-based puzzles, go through challenging platformer levels and beat bosses! This game was intended to be a simple "Indiana Jones" rip-off, but something went wrong and it is YOUR mission to fix the game!

This game went with me through getting jobs, university, getting kicked out from them, through many people, who gave me advices on it, but this March I though like, it's time to start being more serious in my life, to finish something. So after 3 month of polishing, it's finally available for wishlisting in steam.

But for those of you, who wants to hear the story of it, it is written down below:

Well, first of all, my name is Nestor, I am 18 y.o. and live in Kiev, Ukraine

I remember, when I was four, I played my first computer game and this was whole new world for me, I would spend day completing the same game again and again. I used to dream how I would create my own game, think about all the details, but I never thought I would actually do it. Nevertheless, here I am, putting out my first real game to the public.

My game dev story started around 5 years ago, when I was 13. I tried making simple asset flips, but was unsuccessful even with that. So I started watching some simple videos, like "How to make a game in Unity in 5 minutes" and repeated them step after step. Yeah, I had huge breaks and never finished my projects, but this thought of. making my own games would always come to my mind.

To be honest, I never properly learned programming, I just watched how everyone else did it on videos, understood how it works, what words are used and now I do it completely myself :D

Yet, I never took my gamedev dream seriously, I have always perceived it as a hobby. So when I was graduating school (I was 17), I wanted to just keep on working on my job, but then I got kicked out. I gathered all my money resources, tried myself in making some kind of business and completely failed. So, after I failed my plan B, I went directly to plan C, the one I did not want to come to. Getting to a university, I just hate studying, I enjoy everything myself, while doing it, while making mistakes. So got to a Polish uni (I am from Ukraine) and lived in a dormitory. I found amazing friends there. They were all so fun, supportive, understanding, but the problem was that I were too irresponsible. I just partied for half a year almost without any breaks and got kicked out.

I came back to Ukraine in awful depression. I have very few friend here, I miss my old friends, no money, no aim. Tried applying to a job, it was a scam.

But then I thought… What am I doing with my life, it’s time to grow up, to be more responsible. All my life problems came from the fact that I were too lazy to finish anything I started. I remembered, I have a dream to make games and an unfinished project. This was a sign, this is my chance to rehabilitate, to make something out of myself.

So I reopened my old unity project and started working on it. I also work as a copywriter, so that I can spend some money on the game and myself.

So after some extra work, I sent my game to about 60 publishers. Everyone declined my offer, except one. But some time later, after doing some research, I decided to do publishing on my own. So I did some final touches to the game, ordered an art for game cover, found a musician and published “Pyramid Rush” to Steam. This was like a dream comes true. To see my own game on Steam. But this is just a first step, half a year of hard work is ahead, but I am ready for what waits ahead.

I am going to Game Dev con “Games Gathering” this July to show my game to real people for the first time, I’m so nervous :D I’ve never been to any event like this, any advice please? ;)

If you are still here, thank you for reading my little story ;D I have never written anything like that...

If you wish to support me, just add “Pyramid Rush” to your wishlist!

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