Play as Levi, a cute tabby, to defeat evil space dogs and birds. Use your shield, a mechanic that we haven't seen before, to deflect bullets to destroy the enemy. Do this while avoiding the pillars that they spawned to disrupt your attempt to save the world.

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New update released


New update!

levi background

Hello everyone!

We've received feedback on our first release and we're glad to present a new update on the Google Play Store.

Update notes

We changed the movement.
You're able to move to the left & right now. And you're able to press wherever you'd like, to make a small joystick appear!


We increased the difficulty by making your shield smaller.
By changing the movement and making the shield smaller, we're giving you more variety in how you'd like to play!

We clarified the buttons.
They were scaled too big. Sorry about that!


We added pickups!
Now you can gain energy and score much faster than before.


We added your personal highscore.
Now you know what your previous best score was, be sure to compare your stats with your friends!

We added some cheats!
Can you guess what allows you to unlock all cats? Or perhaps makes you unkillable? Being unkillable has it's own downsides. ;)

Lucifurr is now behind a highscore wall.
Can you guess how much you need to unlock him? Be sure to try your best, you might reach the highscore necessary to unlock your strong cat!

Thank you for reading through the changes. We'd love for your feedback and please download our game here

Pawsitive Studios

purrfectlyfast Creator

Hello everyone, we released a new update!

These are the additions:

- New player movement!
- Smaller shield for difficulty
- Menu buttons changed for clarity
- Pickups
- Animations!
- Added highscore!
- Added cheats!
- Lucifurr is behind a highscore wall

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