Proxarium is a team-based, multiplayer flash game where you choose a machine, assemble or disassemble it as you want, join a team and play against other-team player's machines. It's a real-time arcade game with a top-down veiw, a little similar to the good old tank-battle games, but more challenging, of course. In coming months a co-operative mode will be added to the game, so you will be able to fight together with teammates against the machine, turret and gun bots, and take various quests jointly, cooperate and support each other.

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Significant changes happened to Proxarium in recently released version.

1. First of all, we've implemented an ability to get experience.
Our "leveling up" is not quite typical: if you are new to the game, it doesn't mean that those who have more experience are stronger than you. Within the ground all players have equal opportunities, it is important.
Therefore, it's not possible to install some "uber-gun" on the tank, come into the room for novices and terrorize them there.

At the same time the more experience you gain, the more opportunities are opened up in the game: new grounds, which use new equipment, modules, turrets and maps become available to you.
At the zero level there are only 3 grounds for you to be played (one of them is a practice ground) and conventional weapons. But if you go futher, improving your experience level, you get access to more grounds in each game level with new weapons, such as uranium shells, EMP-mines, armor-piercing reinforced and high-explosive shells, explosive with extended radius of damage, or allied turrets that might be used for defense in a team play.

All in all, the game's become much more interesting and fun now. You must like it.

Other players' experience levels are shown in the left panel with their names. Each player's current experience level is designated by stars, displaying under inventory at the their workshop or right on the ground:

2. Secondly, we've improved the quick menu, added new keys when using the keyboard (X, C — for fast deploying explosives and mines; R, T — for using quick repair and acceleration), added more than 40 sounds (mostly to the interface).

Plus added the ability to sell items in the workshop.

Also notedly improved chat and added 25 emoticons there:

And added new objects to the grounds: trees, bushes, cactuses, etc.

3. Finally, we've decided to gather together all our players for daily massive battles. So, join us, please:

To play the game with the latest update, go to:

What do you think?

Quick battles in Proxarium online multiplayer (First news)

Quick battles in Proxarium online multiplayer (First news)


It's a team-based online multiplayer with machine battles and it's already working. Simply click the Play button, construct your machine, choose a team...

WolveNZ - - 106 comments

Just found this, its looking pretty good! but... how can I play in English? O.o

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Proxarium Creator
Proxarium - - 2 comments

Thanks, WolveNZ. You can play now in English. When you tried a couple days ago, the language was being defined incorrectly... unfortunately (we changed something in the game before that, so apparently made the error).

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