You were chosen to carry out the Protocol program. Your objective is to make first contact with an alien life form. Any violation will lead to the elimination of you and the whole operation. Remember, the fate of the humanity depends on your actions. Once signed, Protocol must be promptly implemented. Have a nice day. P.S. Black humor, aliens, conspiracy theories, AI, sci-fi - there's going to be everything and even more. Protocol is a first-person action adventure game, where you have to solve bizarre tasks given by an artificial intelligence and at the same time conduct your own investigation. Welcome to the Complex - dive into a tense, dashingly twisted plot, actions of which take place in a secret and dangerous complex somewhere in the Arctic Circle. Are you following the Protocol or going against the system? The choice is yours. PC or VR? Both! You can play either on PC, using keyboard and mouse, or in VR using a headset.

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Hey everyone! It’s high time to start WEEK ONE of the Fair Challenges!

Each week we’re going to give you all a challenge, and at the end of the week, the winner will get exclusive content, including:

  • Exclusive Protocol art/wallpapers
  • Unique Protocol stuff with a winner's nickname on it :)
  • Other exclusive things we haven’t thought of yet

The most active people will get the MOST exclusive perk when Protocol is ready to launch. Sounds cool?

So, introducing Week One: THE MEME-CHALLENGE

For the next 6 days, we’re asking you to put all your creativity and sense of humor in one masterpiece - The Protocol Meme! Btw, if you didn’t play it yet, you can download the FREE demo on and try it on yourself :)

Are you full of ideas? Don’t wait, and POST your memes to our Discord channel. Be involved right now by joining and learn more about the rules of the Meme Challenge:

Good luck and have a nice day!

LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Thanks for a giveaway!

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