A war rages between two factions: The Alliance, and the Coalition. Although the Coalition is far outnumbered, after recent events surrounding a mysterious planet called Sylvanus, the Alliance is experienced an unseen level of abandonment and disloyalty. A small team of specialized Alliance soldiers are sent on a classified mission to Sylvanus. Each soldier has different orders; if one of them dies, another is to take their mission outline and perform it themselves. They are given little background, other than to expect deep snow and heavy resistance from an undisclosed enemy. They are to take disposable dropships to the surface, and to call for extraction when missions are complete. As they follow their directives, they begin to piece together the uncovered ghosts of the past that were never intended to surface. Slowly, they begin to be torn between their allegiance to the Alliance and their basic instinct and moral obligations.

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Finally... an update


I basically rewrote the entire script; it was one of those things that when you were writing it you're like "OMG THIS IS ASUMZ TIMES INFINITY!!!!!" and then you put down for a bit and you're like "This is pure, idiotic, unadulterated crap." Anyway, I went a bit further with the storyline, and it should be a lot more interesting now.

I've also worked quite a lot on the level structuring and gameplay elements, and I've been working on figuring out porting from PC to console. I've redesigned the setting, basically planned out an entire city, and soon enough I'll be working on getting it built up like I want it to be.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of word from us! It's still going, we'll try and keep you up to date from now on!

Varine Creator
Varine - - 66 comments

Shiva right now, as it has most everything we need (assuming I don't shoot myself trying to figure out the terrain editor). Originally we were planning on using the C4 engine, so that we could modify the source, but it's doubtful that it will be necessary to do that, and then we wanted to use the UDK but I don't want to pay royalties. I'm relearning the programming language for it and working on the systems to be sure that they're not going to glitch or take too much power to do, but I doubt they will since for the most part they're pretty simple.

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Color-Copycat - - 210 comments

So what engine are you planning on using?

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