Optic is a puzzle game where the main mechanics are based on the laws of physics. Dispersion, reflection, refraction, lenses. The plot of the game is the story of the development of Optics as a science from antiquity to modern vision, and the narrators are popular bloggers in various fields. Although the game is completely based on the laws of physics, it is not completely scientific. Our idea is to use popular bloggers in the categories of science, games, and travel for each language. Each of them will tell about the game from their sides. If scientifically popular bloggers will mention formulas, then game bloggers will make references to other games, and travel bloggers will tell what is interesting in this or that place that is mentioned in the game. It is important to leave the freedom of conveying information in the style in which these bloggers run their channel.

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I want to tell you about our game, which we have been developing for a very long time. After the full-scale russian offensive in Ukraine, development stopped, but now we continue to work on our passion.

T Level 2

Game "Project Science: Optic". This is not a typical game. This is an interactive encyclopedia with the history of optics as a science. From antiquity and philosophy to modern understanding with quantum physics. The gameplay is a spatial puzzle.

T Level 12

The main element is a focused beam of light of the basic colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and white.

T Level 5 web

Mirrors allow you to reflect this beam according to the law of reflection, a lens to change the direction of the beam, and a prism to decompose the white color into all other colors.

Famous bloggers tell the story. Moreover, for each localization they will be their own and from different industries. For example, game bloggers will talk superficially about the game, using Easter eggs for other games and movies, science bloggers will mention formulas and more precisely describe physical phenomena.

Subscribe, I'll try to tell more about the game.

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