Labyrinth is a 3D first person puzzle / exploration game being developed for PC`s. using UDK (Unreal Development Kit).
The game, as the project title pertains to, will be set in a vast maze complex using Victorian walled garden with neo classical influenced aesthetics. The maze will have different themed zones using other aesthetic influences from that era.

Although I have not developed any sort of story or any actual gameplay mechanic the game will be about the player trying to find their way out of the maze, and as the player moves through the maze trying to find the way out they will encounter areas that contain puzzles or clues that are needed to be solved in order to unlock other areas of the maze. A story will eventually surround that gameplay mechanic and the puzzles and clues will be relevant to the story. The player will also get the opportunity to have different outcomes to the story depending on which route they have taken through the Labyrinth.

I plan to have the game fully complete and ready for distribution by 2015, so plan to spend the next year working hard at getting it just right. The final game will be completely free to download and play.

I have created a new project site with project progress diary so if you have any time feel free to check up on things there:

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Although I mentioned in previous posts that this project is a "learn as I go along" thing, I have decided to give myself goals to achieve in a certain timeline and sequence. I guess this will not only help me focus more on getting things done under a time limit, but will also give anyone who happens to be following the progress of the project a general rough timeline of when things will be happening.
For the most part this timeline is a rough estimate of how I would like things to happen, and will most likely change as I know more about what I'm doing and what's to be done.

By January / February
- Have a clear and solid idea of the core story that may change or evolve with progress.
- Have at least 1 other example of another maze theme ready to showcase.
- Have many more objects made.
- Learn how to implement sound effects with UDK.
- Develop (Concept or Practical) at least one example of a puzzle.
- Develop some animated aspects of the labyrinth.
- In general be more familiar with Kismet and Matinee

By April / June
- Have a playable demo of a small scale labyrinth ready for distribution.
- Start build on the actual, full size labyrinth that will be the final game.
- Have story and alternate story timelines fully developed.
- Have more practical examples of puzzles
- Have developed more themed zones.
- Start to think / work on atmospheric music for the game.
- Have a good idea / examples of game presentation, such as cut scene art / GUI art..etc

By August / September
- Have a 2nd and final demo ready using what I've learnt and created so far, better presented.
- Have made good progress in building the full size labyrinth.
- Have made good progress with music, and sound assets

Out to 2015......
- Within this period get some promotion done.
- Get feedback from previous demo release.
- Continue to build Labyrinth.
- Experiment and try to implement more dynamic interactive features
- Experiment and try to implement other dynamic features such as day/nigh, weather..etc
- Final optimize assets and game.
- Game testing and bug fixing
- Polish and Presentation

Sometime in 2015......

- Release

Project Labyrinth - Gameplay Ideas & More

Project Labyrinth - Gameplay Ideas & More

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Project Labyrinth - Game play mechanic ideas, player progression ideas, and maze theme zone ideas.

Fractalscapes Creator

Hi folks.. Hope you all had a great festive season, and i hope 2014 is a creative, productive and fun year for you all.

Some of you may have noted I have not updated things here or indeed made any significant progress with the project in a while. This is mainly due to 2 factors, the first being the festive season, and the 2nd factor is I am right in the middle of moving place. I was hoping to be settled into the new place by this week, unfortunately as is the case with these things there has been delay after delay regarding that, so Its looking like things will be up in the air for me for another 2 weeks or so.

I am eager to get back to work on things myself, so this little update is as much to tell everybody I have not forgotten about the project nor have I given up on it.

Stay tuned :) and happy new year again to one and all.

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