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A 6 year old boy wakes up to the distant sound of the alarm on a spaceship. Siren echo is barely making its way to the room while the dark heavy space looms through the window. The door is locked. The boy activates a small device his father gave him and suddenly a robot comes to life in a dusty maintenance room. Together, they must venture out into the deserted depth of the spaceship.

Artificial is an ambient-atmospheric sidescroller game that will put you through a hostile and challenging environment while diving deep into the story. You will guide a 6 year old kid to overcome difficulties in obscure and dire situations while experiencing the world with child's eyes and seeking the truth behind many layers of the rich storyline.

Currently the game is in development for OUYA and PC.

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(We apologize for our English, we're from the non-American Georgia :) We hope you can still make out most of what we're trying to say.)

Video features the soundtrack from the game, tell us how you like it ^^

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Artificial - Game Announcement

Artificial - Game Announcement


We are proud to announce our game: Artificial. Artificial is an ambient-atmospheric sidescroller that will put you through a hostile challenging environment...

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