You wake up, from what it seems an eternal slumber. You find only darness around you, there's a strange sound, like something is driping... What could it be? Project 423351 will be a survival horror in wich everyhing is against you. You can bleed, your arms and legs bone's can be broken. With enough damage to your legs you'll be unable to run or even walk at a normal rate. If your arms are wounded to a high degree, your aim will be punished. And with enough bad luck, an strike of your enemies coul cause a bleed wound, wich will drain you health over time, and no every health item will bring you up. But above all, you can get scared wich can cause a lo of things, auditive hallucination or visual, decreased radius of sight, or even a hearth attack. Project 423351 is a one man game so pogress will be kind of slow, but steady, no any more to say if you want mor info check the game images or the preview video.

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Work in progress


Lot of new things to do

This last weeks have been more or less, a headache, I’ve
had a lot of troubles with the Ai intelligence, trying a lot of things and work
around... nothing seemed to work until (and thanks to my older brother) I’ve
found a way. I've testing the new Ai and everything seems to work perfectly (Actually SCARY
perfect) and I’m really happy (And that's also scary) I still need to work in
some bugs (A lot of them) but now it will be easier.

Also I’ve implemented the four power levels for the Spear Turret (name in progress)
And the Guardian Drone (Also name in progress) both of them are functional and
Well and that's for now I’ll upload more pictures and if lady luck is on my side, a
video showing them.

Until then Carpe noctem (Seize the night)

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