Experience this unique turn-based strategy game where you match three chips of your color in a row to make a Powertrip and deal damage to your opponent! After each round, the powerboard experiences a power shift, adding a new rule to the game, changing the dynamics of your play! Can you adapt or will you fail? Battle your way towards the Power Board and claim the ultimate power in the universe!

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InkPad Studios announces the release of Power Trip, available on both iOS and Android! Power Trip is a two player, one device game, making it the perfect way to duel your friends! Can't decide who pays for the pizza? Pop up the game and deal some damage!


Google Play - Bit.ly /// iOS - Apple.co


Like Tic Tac Toe, Power Trip uses a 3 x 3 grid where players place tiles to match three of their own colors. By matching three in a row, you complete a set which deals damage to your opponent while clearing the set off the board.

Each player begins with three lives every round.

But this game is much more than just your grandma's Tic Tac Toe. Taking inspiration from Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad, each tile features four numbers (one on each side). When a tile is placed on the board, it will capture any adjacent opposing tiles if the player’s number is greater than the opponents.

You are trying to match three tiles while keeping in mind that your opponent can capture your tiles at any moment! You have to be smart and tactical while playing under a timer! It is a fast-paced two-player duel that is simple and easy to play!


Match three tiles to deal damage!


What makes this game more unique than most is the always changing gameplay experience! After every round, the winning player will be able to pick a new rule that will affect the game.

For example – Blind Numbers will hide all the numbers of the tiles until placed onto the board. Bomb Chips gives players a chip that explodes, destroying all chips in each direction. The more rounds you play, the smarter you have to be and the faster you have to react. Can you adapt or will you fail?


Pick new rules after every round!

We had great fun making this game! It was very different from the games we have made thus far! It is a game we often use to decide team conflicts. Raptors or Sharks game on TV? Load the Power Trip! Let us know what you think by reviewing the game! You can download Power Trip on Google Play or in iTunes iOS.

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