Short Facts:

  • Run an alchemy store
  • Brew potions
  • Upgrade & furnish your store
  • Unlock and level up new characters with new skills
  • Play together with or against friends


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The Game:

Potion Party is a funny couch co-op alchemy game for one to four players. Working as a team, you and your friends must manage your own alchemy shop, brew colorful potions and deliver them to customers. Earn money, upgrade your tools, decorate the shop and become a master alchemist!

Core Features:

  • Produce, combine and sell potions in your shop
  • Mix powders and potions to create new colors
  • Upgrade and decorate your shop step by step with new items and equipment
  • Couch Coop Multiplayer for up to 4 players.
  • Cute Pixel Art Graphics
  • 4-8 hours of gameplay
  • 3 Game Modes (Time, Endless, Versus)
  • 20+ unlockable store items
  • 11 unlockable and upgradeable Characters

Coming to Steam and PS4 in 2020

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Today Potion Party releases for Console and PC

Potion Party is a couch-coop game about building up your own alchemy shop. You start with a small and dirty shack and step by step make it become a wonderful shopping palace.

To make your customers happy, you need to brew potions in various colors. To do this, you need to use different tools or mix the potions.

Need a green potion? Just mix a blue and a yellow one.

Need a black potion? Put a fruit in the oven until it becomes coal and then put the coal into an existing potion to color it black.

PotionParty clips colors

In 12 different stages, you unlock more and more tools to create different types of potions. But your shop won’t stay a quiet place for long. Thieves, slimes and ghost will come and try to interrupt your business. You need to fight them with water and sparkling powder to not get overcrowded by them.

The game let’s you unlock up to 12 different characters. Each character has a unique skill that makes your life as a shopkeeper easier. These skills can also be leveled up to become more powerful.

When playing in coop mode, it’s best to have a team of different characters. Like a group of heroes in a role-playing game, it’s best to mix the different special abilities of the characters.

PotionParty clips storage

The game is released today and available for Steam (by RP Games) and for PlayStation (by FusionPlay).

Potion Party at PlayStation Europe

Potion Party at PlayStation North America

Potion Party at Steam

The game is also available on Switch, published by Top hat Studios.

3 new games in a year

3 new games in a year


Our small Indie Game department had a really exciting year.

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2 cool Pixel Art Games coming to PS4


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