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Poromaxia is an artillery game similar to Angry Birds and planned to be released on Steam. In Poromaxia you take the role of little, fluffy, fuzzballs called Poros who have decided to help aid their planet, Maxia Prime by launching themselves into a generator at the end of the level and using their self-destruct ability at birth to destroy the generators. Unlike Angry Birds, and similar games in the artillery genre players only have once chance to launch their Poro and hit the generator. Through-out the game the levels would increase in difficulty while adding traps, and some random pick-ups that can increase points as well as power-ups.

Plot: The world of Maxia Prime is a lush, and beautiful planet populated by the cutest, and nicest creatures called "Poros". The Poros are small, fluffy, fuzzy monsters that speak in chirps, and squeaks. They're born with the ability to explode into contact if threatened, but when they "explode" they release spores which are similar to mushrooms, and other fungi. These spores eventually spawn new Poros with the memories, and mentality of the previous Poro. Poros do not reproduce sexually, but instead reproduce by releasing these spores. Soon enough, the planet is attacked by an odd race of machines that begin setting up generators and traps to kill off the Poros, but now the Poros must fight back to save their planet by blowing up every last generator and finally liberating Maxia Prime.

Game Feature Ideas
- Points can be acquired through-out the game which contribute to your high-score, and money can be found which can be used to purchase new Poros. Yes, if your Poro doesn't hit the generator you don't lose them, and even if they do and die you still don't lose them. You keep your Poro's forever!

- Will feature a leader-board system where you can compete against your friends for high-scores. The high-scores will be accumulated by total points
earned through-out the entire game. Your total time to complete a level will also give you points depending on your time.

- Hoping to toss achievements in the game, because everyone loves achievements.

- Cute, fantasy themed music to set the mood of the game. So, the game will have a cute, fantasy feel to the world.

- Also cater to gamers who have the collecting OCD, and allow players to collect all 6 Poro's and get a shiny
achievement for collecting them all. .We will hopefully release more Poro's via DLC
later on in the game's life. The planned total of Poro's for the final release is around 100+ and with each of them being put into the game
but only obtainable through completing challenges, and buying them with in-game money. So some can only be obtained by these challenges, and by using your money.
Currently, all 6 Poro's can be purchased via in-game money.

- Hopefully add a map-maker in game where players can create their own levels and share them with friends.

- The money in game can be acquired by completing challenges, snagging achievements, and completing levels.

- The money can also be used to purchase things such as extra lives, you can use your Poro multiple times per level.

Development Team
Manio31 - Justin Ross
Sprite Artist, Project Lead, Public Relations

Music Composer

Positions Needed...
To help build this game in the Unity Engine.
Level DesignersTo create fantasy themed, and puzzling maps for players to traverse through and complete.
Sound Artists
To help make sound effects for the game. I.E the Poros, Traps, etc.
To make cute music for the game to be used at the title screen, and during the levels.
2D Animators
To help animate all the sprites being designed for the game.
Graphics Design
This would really be helpful to help make some UI, and craft some of the screens. For example the Title Screen,
Leaderboards and Menus.

Poro Details
Default Poro
The Default Poro is the first Poro players acquire, and play as. The default Poro doesn't have any abilities.
Blue Poro
The Blue Poro can be purchased from the in-game store for $5,000. This Poro cannot be harmed by water based traps.
Green Poro
The Green Poro can be purchased from the in-game store for $10,000. This Poro cannot be harmed by natural based traps.
Yellow Poro
The Yellow Poro can be purchased from the in-game store for $15,000. This Poro cannot be harmed by electrical based traps.
Red Poro
The Red Poro can be purchased from the in-game store for $20,000. This Poro cannot be harmed by fire based traps.
Rainbow Poro
The Rainbow Poro can be purchased from the in-game store for $200,000. This Poro cannot be harmed by anything. However, using this Poro
will slightly lower your score for the level.

Power-Up Details

Extra Life

The Extra Life can be picked up on maps if your Poro hits the power-up. Alternatively, you can purchase the Power-Up
from the in-game store for $2000 and use it whenever you wish. This allows your Poro to respawn at the beginning of the level
and give it the chance to complete it once again.

Invulnerable can be picked up on maps if your Poro hits the power-up. It cannot be purchased from the store, and allows your Poro to not be harmed
by any of the traps on that level.

This will be one of the rarest Power-ups to come across, and one of the hardest to get. Once your Poro hits this power-up
you automatically complete the level, and get awarded a default 1,000 score for the level. They can also be purchased from the in-game store for

The Jackpot power-up is pretty much a huge cash reward for the player, and is the second rarest power-up next to Auto-Complete. It awards the player a bonus
$5,000. They cannot be purchased from the store.

Scored is another power-up that can be snagged that when your Poro hits it allows all of your score for that level
to get a x2 bonus. This power-up can be purchased from the store for $5000.

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Composer Hired!


Poromaxia Main Theme - Indie DB

Remember to watch the game if curious for updates! We also love feedback!

~ Justin Ross (Project Lead)

Friday, March 23rd 2012

Friday, March 23rd 2012


So the world of Maxia Prime has finally awakened, and progress on the game has swiftly begun, and I've been working on tons of sprites, and environments...


Love the poros!

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Why thank you kind sir, or miss!

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