Join this thrilling 3D ARPG to explore hundreds of quests and tons of fun in Pocket Knights 2! Craft powerful gear to increase your might and assemble your legendary heroes to take on horrible bosses. Passions are high in Pocket Knights 2 as you can plunder hidden treasure in various battlefields, expand mysterious territories, challenge in the PVP Arena and win amazing treats for coming out on top. New adventure and battles are around every corner, don't miss a second of this exciting journey!


Choose from over 100 Heroes from different positions
Match unique Heroes to unleash fantastic combo-skills

Master abilities to overcome the most powerful enemies
Arrange your best bench strategically for a crucial assist

Discover legendary equipment in mysterious battlefields
Upgrade gears to improve your combat and deal massive damage

Dominate the Arena, participate in Guild wars, climb your own way to the top
Collect valuable resources and start Team Instances with worldwide players

Enter and conquer harder battles to earn bigger treats
Find powerful loot and equipment in hidden spots

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HK - June 6th, 2018 – Today Pitaya Network announces to release the global version of Pocket Knights 2 on iOS. Before landing on the Apple Store, the game is launching on Android platform and featured on the Google Play Store in over 120 countries. After receiving massive positive reviews from players, Pitaya also added more exciting features based on players’ feedback. Now it’s finally available on iOS!

In this 3D ARPG game, players can enjoy its immersive storyline and intense battles. There exists five worlds in Pocket Knights 2: Phantom, Magic, Mythical, Rock, and Kevlar. One day, the whole land was lost in the chaos, players should build a strongest team to restore the rules of five worlds. Players can summon and control powerful heroes to fight against the terrifying dark force and bring the peace back.

Some new features:

  • Mounts

There are many different types of mounts players can obtain after finishing certain tasks and purchase in the [DECOR]. These mighty mounts will increase the moving speed and total combat power of players’ team. Meanwhile, players can get a free Mount (White Warhorse) when reaches Lv.40 or above, and more mounts will be unlocked when players collecting the enough shards.

  • Bosses

The Bosses will be divided into five parts: Personal Boss, Privilege Boss, Wild Boss, Chaos Land and Tarrasque Lair. Players can get more rare loots after defeating the Bosses of the five parts, but there are only 3 chances for players to challenge (Except the Tarrasque Lair). Tarrasque Lair will open at 20:45 ~ 21:15 daily, players will get damage rank reward after the event ends.

  • Game Mode

Here are three game modes:
a)Counterattack Mode - it can counterattack if you are attacked by other players;
b)PK Mode - you can choose to attack players who are not in your guild;
c)Battle Free Mode - players can use Truce Token (it can be used in the Wild and Peak Secret Area to avoid being attacked by other players for 30 minutes) to get some battle free time.
The default mode in Pocket Knights 2 is Counterattack, but players can swift different modes before entering battlefields.

  • Events

a)The Resources Retrieve: This event can help players to finish some pass events to get back missing exp. and other items.
b)Chaos Battlefield: There are 2 factions in the Chaos Battlefield – Divine and Demon, the system will auto-match according to the total power of players’ guild. By the end of the battle, players will get the corresponding reward, and the reward will be sent by in-game mail at 5:00 daily.
c)Dragon Invasion: When the event starts, monsters will appear in the center of the Chaos Battlefield. The first 5 rounds are normal monsters, the 6th round is Boss. After defeating the boss, players can get event reward, and the side who defeat the Boss can get the extra reward. All reward will be sent through the in-game mail.

Importantly, some special rewards will be sent by email, please remember to check your email if you’ve pre-registered to Pocket Knights 2!

Download the game today from the App Store to get more benefits:
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Global Version of “Pocket Knights 2” Starts Today!

Global Version of “Pocket Knights 2” Starts Today!


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Diablo-likes, Western Audiences, and Genre Shifts – Pocket Knights 2 Interview

Diablo-likes, Western Audiences, and Genre Shifts – Pocket Knights 2 Interview


Pocket Knights was a hit among turn-based CCG, so it surprised many when its successor took a bold leap into the action-RPG genre. We reached out to Pitaya...

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