Planet Guardian VR is an Action room-scale VR game in which you protect planets from very bad incoming asteroids.

To fulfill your mission you need to use your controllers as weapons to destroy the asteroids. Each level brings a new challenge, be it by the speed, matter or placement of the asteroids. Beware behind you, there might be a hidden asteroid!

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We just released our first VR game : Planet Guardian VR

Today we are proud to release Planet Guardian VR, a casual action game for the HTC Vive designed for room-scale only, where you protect planets from asteroids.

The game is still in early access. We hope to gather valuable feedback as we are open to make a lot of improvements! You can find it on Steam

(Viveport and Oculus coming soonish)

It is our first VR game, we had some experience in “classical” games and moving to Virtual Reality was a really interesting challenge. We learned a lot of UI UX aspects, things that sometimes can seem details, but in the end have great influence on the gameplay. We are looking for early players that can give us valuable feedback and advices.

For the technies here are some infos:
- We used Unity as the main game engine, the SteamVR plugin is really easy to use (thanks Valve).
- For the assets (controllers / planets / asteroids) we used Blender as the 3D modeler, animator. then moved to Substance Painter for texturing, and finally back to Unity for integration.
- The particles, flames and FX are mostly Unity
- The planets are procedurally generated, the levels not (can be discussed/changed :)

We hope you like it

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