In Compromised You are Aero, a defender struggling to protect your world from invading forces. Stranded in the wastelands of Se-Da you must shoot through waves of enemies and battle massive bosses. Collect energy and upgrades to overcome the staggering odds and find a way home.

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We have added 2 Multiplayer modes to Compromised in our latest update: Co-op and Competitive.


  • In Co-op mode, your squad is an elite special ops fleet of spacecraft sent on a search and destroy mission against the invading alien force of BIOC. Your team's success hinges upon working together to infiltrate the enemy base and eliminate all threats.

Co-Op Screenshot 1

  • 2-4 players play a new level designed around cooperative gameplay, and a leveling up system has been added to upgrade your ship without stopping the action. Survive the level to take on a brand new boss designed around Multiplayer, featuring 2 stages and several modes.


Competitive Multiplayer Screenshot 1

  • In Competitive Multiplayer you and your friends square off against one another for the most kills or the most points. Players can collect power-ups to modify their arsenal and drop some knowledge on their friends. 2 modes are available: Deathmatch and Horde.
  • In Deathmatch, the most kills wins. Collect power-ups to get temporary weapons and systems.
  • In Horde, collect the most cubes to win. When players are destroyed they drop half their cubes. The longer the match goes on, the higher the stakes.
Full view of

Additional updates to the graphics and camera were also added to the Campaign.

Try the Multiplayer modes for free in the demo :)


Super Soul

Compromised Released on Desura

Compromised Released on Desura


Compromised is a twin stick/bullet hell/shmup hybrid best described as a mix between Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Geometry Wars.

Compromised coming to Desura!

Compromised coming to Desura!


Let there be a demo! Compromised will be out in the coming weeks on Desura as part of the alpha funding program. There will be a demo available from day...


wow I remember playing something like this on my Amiga 1200 Graphics are better with your game awesome.

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SuperSoul Creator

Thanks for the comments. Let us know what you all think after playing the demo.
Thanks, Richie from SuperSoul

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This sounds amazing, I'm downloading the demo right now.

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Looks like a lot of fun. Although I'm not too big on space shooters, there are a few that I really enjoy like Beat Hazard and Protogalaxy. This appears to fall into that category where game play is a bit more sophisticated than yet just another R-Type clone.

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