Pity Please! Is a Casual Indie Survival Simulation RPG where you travel as a vagrant, panhandling your way to success! It's a game about mastering the lifestyle of being homeless. You'll need to keep yourself well fed and healthy while keeping an eye out for the police! It's all about survival, exploration, and exploiting societal systems for survival. Coming to PC & Mobile

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Pity Please! Devlog #9


Welcome to the 9th Pity Please development log! In this update, we have some exciting new features to share with you, including a brand new university campus, fishing and panhandling minigames, and a vehicle update. We're thrilled to bring these new additions to the game and can't wait to tell you about them, so let’s dive into the details!

New University Campus

We're excited to announce the latest area in Pity Please! - a brand new university campus in the island town! The campus includes the main building, which is the heart of the university, as well as three other buildings - the lecture hall building, observatory building, and science & technology building.

Campus Map

The historical lecture hall building is a beautiful structure that adds character to the campus. It's the perfect environment for students to learn draw inspiration from. The observatory building was built onto another historical building as an addition, and is a cutting-edge facility where players can learn about the universe and explore the cosmos. This serves as a symbol of the university's commitment to scientific advancement as well as preserving the island town's architectural heritage.

The science and technology building is the hub of innovation on campus, where players can work on projects and develop their skills. It's equipped with the latest technology and tools to help players succeed in their studies and future careers.

But the campus has more than just academic buildings. There's also a sports field that can be used for races like sprints and marathons, along with other sports day competitions. The students at the campus can use this field to play sports and relax after class.

The campus features a main gate, which has a security guard posted at it, ensuring the safety of students and faculty, providing a secure environment for learning and growth.

Overall, the new university campus is a significant addition to the island town, offering a new area to explore for players.

Fishing Minigame

In our continued efforts to increase the depth of Pity Please! we've added a fishing minigame that plays a crucial role in the game's survival mechanics, offering a new way to source food and items to sell or trade.

PityPlease ALPHA FishingMinigame

Here’s how it works; first you’re going to have to get your hands on a fishing rod, then you’re going to need to find the nearest pier that has fish swimming in the waters. Walk up to the end of the pier and cast your line! Now this isn’t just a game of sitting around and waiting, as we’ve put a lot of thought into keeping the game engaging, as you will need to pay careful attention to the stress on the line. Reel in too quickly, and you risk snapping the line and losing your catch, but if you’re too cautious you may let the fish escape!

This fishing minigame deepens the survival and resource management that Pity Please! is built upon, creating another strategic layer to the challenge of living on the fringes of society as you master the homeless lifestyle.

Panhandling Minigame

Like a tasty cake, we’re adding another layer to the strategic depth of Pity Please! by introducing the art of panhandling! This new minigame turns one of the fundamental aspects of mastering the vagrant lifestyle into a engaging and interactive experience that requires both quick-thinking and tactical decision making.

The first step to successful panhandling is to thoughtfully pick your location, this is where the tactical decision making comes in. As you’ve seen in our development log, we have included many different areas into the game, and each area is full of possible panhandling spots with their own pros and cons. You will need to learn the lay of the land and find the high-traffic areas that might bring more potential donors, but also more risk of drawing unwanted attention!

Once you’ve found the right spot, this is where the real action begins! We’ve developed a Quick Time Event (QTE) system that turns panhandling, a difficult and sucky part of the homeless lifestyle, into a minigame that is a more fun and engaging experience. You will need to drag your mouse, or swipe the screen in the correct direction. If you nail the sequence, your panhandling attempt will succeed and you will be rightly rewarded! However if you fail you’ll come up empty-handed, fail too many times and you’ll start to attract the wrong kind of attention.

PityPlease ALPHA PanhandlingMini

Vehicle Enhancements

We’re happy to share that we’ve enriched the detail and visual variety of the vehicles that populate the island town. While players can’t drive the vehicles, they play a critical role in the ambience and strategical layer of the game, particularly the panhandling minigame.

image 2023 06 03 095205339

Our lowpoly transportation now features details such as exhausts, mirrors, door handles, spoilers, bull-bars and bumpers. But that's not all! We've also injected a burst of color into our cityscape. Each vehicle now has a different paint job. This means you'll no longer encounter multiple identical vehicles with the same color, enhancing the variety and realism of the game while keeping it’s distinctive look.

The vehicles in Pity Please! are more than just eye-candy. They are a dynamic part of the game's living, breathing world, adding to the hustle and bustle of the island town, but more importantly they play a crucial role in the panhandling minigame. Players will find that positioning themselves near high traffic areas can increase their chances of success. A luxury car might mean a more generous passerby, while a delivery truck could mean a hardworking driver who has little time or money to spare. It's yet another strategic layer for players to navigate in their quest to master the homeless lifestyle.

image 2023 06 03 095327588

Thanks For Reading!

With that, we conclude devlog number 9.

We'll be sharing more updates on these systems in future development logs. Be sure to follow us on social media and Wishlist the game on Steam to stay up to date with the latest news and updates.

Thank you for your continued support of Pity Please! We can't wait to share more with you soon.

Steam: Store.steampowered.com Twitter: Twitter.com Discord: Discord.gg YouTube: Youtube.com

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As someone whos been homeless, I dont really see how this is supposed to be fun. Its a degrading, sad way to go through life.

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PityPleaseTheGame Creator

Firstly, we just want to note that homeless life can be a horrible thing, and many people will understandably get the wrong first impression of the game. We're really sorry that you've had such a bad experience in your life, and hope the future is better for you.

Having said that, while your experience may vary, the director of the game is someone who spent years on the streets, and it was the most rewarding and challenging experience of his life. It has dramatically changed how he views the world. It's overcoming adversity and thriving, that's the human story. However, it's just the same as some war veterans having problems playing FPS games perhaps its not the right game for them, where others will enjoy it because of their past experience.

The unique challenges being homeless brings is something he thought was worth exploring as well as the somewhat secret culture of traveling hobos. As far as degradation, that is NEVER our intent. Its precisely the opinion that being homeless is degradation in and of itself is one of the reasons we want to make this game. To show another side to the story!

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