Perfect Woman is a game inspired by the ubiquitous personality questionnaires featured in women’s magazines and the female roles they define. There are so many such roles emphasizing aspects of family, career, experience, sex and more. But these can not possibly characterize the depth and complexity of a woman’s life. Perfect Woman uses these stereotypes as building blocks for you to be your OWN perfect woman.

The game is structured into progressive levels, each one representing a different stage in a woman’s life. Starting at the child stage, players must post in front of a Kinect to mimic various poses that appear on screen. The better a player is able to hold the pose, the more “perfect” their rating for that level.

Perfect Woman features a branching decision tree which serves to create a narrative of the character’s life. Past choices may make future choices more difficult. It’s not always possible to be perfect at every stage in life, and that’s perfectly fine.

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IGF 2014 Finalists

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The IGF Awards take place on the evening of the third day of Game Developers Conference, and are a major celebration of the best in indie gaming, with thousands watching the award presentation before the Game Developer's Choice Awards are presented. The 2013 IGF Awards, including custom interstitials from Mega64, are available for online viewing. The Festival Awards will take place March 19, 2014. Anyone can attend the ceremony.

2014 Independent Games Festival Finalists:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize:

Honorable mentions: 868-HACK (Michael Brough); Crypt of the NecroDancer (Brace Yourself Games); Kerbal Space Program (Squad); The Yawhg (Damian Sommer and Emily Carroll); and TowerFall Ascension (Matt Thorson).

Excellence in Visual Art:

Honorable mentions: Don't Starve (Klei Entertainment); Galak-Z (17-BIT); Shelter (Might & Delight); The Swapper (Facepalm Games); and The Yawhg (Damian Sommer and Emily Carroll).

Excellence in Design:

Honorable mentions: DEVICE 6 (Simogo); Gorogoa (Jason Roberts); Perfect Stride (Arcane Kids); The Banner Saga (Stoic); and Threes (Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend, and Jimmy Hinson).

Excellence in Audio:

Honorable mentions: Don't Starve (Klei Entertainment); Jazzpunk (Necrophone Games); Potatoman Seeks the Troof (Pixeljam); Sokobond (Alan Hazelden, Harry Lee, and Ryan Roth); and The Banner Saga (Stoic).

Excellence in Narrative:

Honorable mentions: Detective Grimoire (SFB Games); Gorogoa (Jason Roberts);Monster Loves You! (Radial Games Corp. & Dejobaan Games, LLC.); Quadrilateral Cowboy (Blendo Games); and Redshirt (The Tiniest Shark).

Nuovo Award:

Honorable mentions: 18 Cadence (Aaron A. Reed); DEVICE 6 (Simogo); Elegy for a Dead World (Dejobaan Games with Popcannibal); Shelter (Might & Delight); and SUPERHOT (SUPERHOT team).

Student Showcase Finalists:

Honorable mentions: Bokida (Institut de Création et d'Animation Numériques); Flying Fish (The Academy of Interactive Entertainment); Ladylike (NYU and NYU Poly); Rabbit Rush (RMIT); and UN EP (Kansas City Art Institute).

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