n Middle November 1667, war has over in Makassar and Sultan Hassanudin of Gowa agreed to surrender and Gowa must obey the unfair treaty of Bongaya. Great war has happened in Makassar in 1667. Many soliders from many kingdom involved in this war especially Bone and many Bugis states for their freedom when Gowa fight for their homeland. Karaeng Kankurung, the lord and general of Gowa very upset with surrender of Gowa and try gather his fellow and army to war agianst Dutch and allies which had annexed fort in Makassar. In this game, you play as Karaeng Kankurung. Lead your army, ensure fellows lords and Sultan for fight against the Dutch, and Bone for sake of Makassar

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Latest Development


Map of Makassar

Finally, after 3 months postponed this project, finally we continue this game and change several aspects.

First is Makassarese navy. In this game, different from Perang Laut, sea battle existsed and can supported by fort!

second is map and campaign. In this game, player focus in tactic and defending Makassar from enemy attack so there no ecenomy and building system.(maybe)

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Pedalahusa Mengkasar

Pedalahusa Mengkasar


This is alpha version of Pedalahusa Mengkasar with battle of Karaeng Kankurung agianst Arung Pallaka of Bone and Ambonese

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