Nendhir, a mysterious and savage world filled with conquest and magic, where the two factions; Valfalk and Morsath battle for dominance over the vast lands and continents.

Valfalk, a union between the vikings of Hjyndall and the barbarians of Gulskir control the northern lands of Nendhir.

Morsath, a pact between the Kingdom of Edaria, the Kingdom of Drosus and the Empire of Coria, control the central lands of Nendhir and lead the crusades against Valfalk.

But as the two factions wage war against each other, the dark powers are rising in the shadows.
In the south, the arrival of the Cult of Voxyx has awakened the ancient dark lords once again.
Far in the west, at the heart of the swamplands of Khordof, the mighty dragon Yddrad threatens to engulf the world in flames.

It is up to you as a mercenary to chooce your own fate. Help your faction to conquer new lands and together you will face the shadows that the night brings.

About Past Fate

Past Fate is an open world MMORPG where the players freedom is the key element. You can explore the huge world and its continents and islands. Sail the treacherous seas to explore the world and recruit your own crew to assist you in naval combat. Hire and train mercenaries and soldiers to help your kingdom in the time of war. Find secrets, treasures and mysteries to aid you in your journey. Practice to become the crusader and smite down your enemies or find how to wield more darker powers to hunt your prey during the night. What is your fate?


The land in Past Fate is huge. You can build your own ship and sail the seas to explore different continents and islands. Find kingdoms to trade your goods or to buy supplies for your journey, unite with your friends and explore dungeons to banish strong enemies and pillage their treasures or form a group to set in to find and defeat legendary ancient creatures.


Hire mercenaries and gather your soldiers to conquer the enemy lands to yourself.

Defend Your Kingdom

Kingdoms will crumble as other players can attack and break your buildings in hopes to conquer your lands. Defend your kingdom by hiring mercenaries and soldiers and protect your land at all cost.

Slay powerful enemies

Banish strong enemies and pillage powerful treasures from dungeons. Form a group to find and defeat ancient creatures across the world

Beware the Night

The night can be deadly as players who wield the dark magic can use it to their advantage to turn into a hulking beast to hunt their prey.

Conquer the Sea

Past Fate will be introducing Naval Combat where you will purchase, upgrade and control your ships. Release your inner pirate and fight your enemies in the open waters! You also have the ability to hire your own crew to help you against your enemies.

These crew members will include archers, mages and cannoneers to damage the enemy ships crew and hull. Prefer melee? You can jump on the enemy ship and show them your swordsmanship...or crush them with your warhammer if you prefer strong heavy attacks.

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Past Fate Kickstarter is now Live!


We launched our second Kickstarter while giving potential backers the option to try our open alpha first before backing to see if it's something they like!

You can back Past Fate by visiting our Kickstarter

Open Alpha Information

To play Past Fate open alpha you need to ask for open alpha steam key on our Discord

We are also going to introduce our newest patch July 24th! The patch will heavily improve combat, add more items in the game, fix item stats, fix crafted item stats and much more!

To learn more about our open alpha visit

Past Fate - Kickstarter Trailer is now live!

Past Fate - Kickstarter Trailer is now live!


Past Fate's Kickstarter trailer is now live. Featuring the mechanics available in our current alpha.

Past Fate - Kickstarter Pre-Launch is Up!

Past Fate - Kickstarter Pre-Launch is Up!


Past Fate's Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page is up. Our open alpha will stay up for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign!

Past Fate - Open Alpha #2

Past Fate - Open Alpha #2


Past Fate open alpha 2 will be held from June 8th to June 15th.

Past Fate - Open Alpha Test Now Live!

Past Fate - Open Alpha Test Now Live!


Past Fate Open Alpha Test is now live. The alpha period lasts for a week.

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