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Parasite takes place right in the middle of the trilogy storyline. After being a victim of the horrendous experiments being run in a secret place, the protagonist manages to escape, but crashes in a space station where strange events have taken place. She must fight her way to survival and try to find a way out of that place, either by herself or with the help of the survivors of the UDM Barracuda.

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Garyn Dakari

The animations and the combat mechanics look a little wonky, but considering it's still in alpha stage, it looks pretty good! The playermodels are well done, and the gameplay certainly looks promising. Good luck!

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TheDomaginarium Author

Thanks a lot for the comment! We're working hard refining all the mechanics, since the basic stuff is already in the alpha version we have right now.
BTW, would you (and everybody else) be interested on more behind-the-scenes developments as we refine the features and redesign stuff? We're making a lot of changes to what you see on the vid, and adding more stuff.

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hhmmmm im really a newbie to udk, but i might be able to help sometime in the future

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The game looks like it has the potential to be really atmospheric, Its really good for a bit of alpha gameplay a few refinements I could point out is that you should add a ledge grab ability, as Ive had a few experiences where that has simply annoyed the hell outta me, also perhaps darken the level and add her 'powers' as a lighting element, just a suggestion tho I see a lot of promise in your game, keep it up.

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Yogtrailers nailed it in their coverage of this. I have to be honest and say what I think; in its current state at least, it looks awful.

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I'd say for an alpha preview its looking pretty decent. the animations need huge amounts of work and the level needs more detail but its alpha so i dont expect to see fully finished levels and things.

keep it up guys and in responce to your question i would like to see more behind the scenes kinda stuff it always interests me what teams are like.

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can we get a first person option? I know, you will probably put a lot of hard work into making third person look right (for the final version anyway).

But as a fair amount of people would agree, some people prefer first person experiences over third person. I for one, and I do have to apologise for this: Will less likely get the game, or if I do, finish the game, if it is third person only... mind you, I also played through dead space 1 on xbox 360 and still want ds2, but haven't been around to buying that one yet.

So yeah, game looks interested, will watch it, look forward to more in depth development details, and I hope you put in a first person option... even if it's crappy, like world of warcraft's first person mode.

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Disclaimer: This is an alpha gameplay video for testing the mechanics and all. We're putting it out there because we are interested on reading people's comments, good or (constructively) bad. Right now we're getting out of alpha and continuing development to make it into Beta.
After escaping a military facility where she was victim of genetic experiments, The Subject crashes in UDM Barracuda, where she finds a new threat. To defend herself, The Subject can use either her fists or the abilities she got while she was being experimented on. However, her body didn't fully accept the mutation, so using her powers is painful not only for her enemies but for herself, making her health go down every time she uses them.

The video reveals the first two classes of male enemies. More enemies (including female ones), and weapons will be shown in future videos.

This is an Alpha gameplay video, and some features may change for the final game.

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