Paper Dungeons is a fantasy board-game boosted by online content. With the ability to create and share online your own levels, you're up for an infinite replay value!

The game is visualized as a classic tabletop board-game with dice and tokens. You can destroy walls and auto-heal as you uncover new dungeon tiles, which widens your choice of moves.


  • Supports high resolution with native 1080p graphics
  • Big campaign of 125 Adventure levels and 31 Puzzle levels
  • 5 classes of character (warrior/archer/priest/mage/thief), male and female, each with a unique gameplay
  • Dozens of different dice sets to improve your character
  • 80+ monster types
  • 4 different starting zones, each with specific monsters and bosses, 3 sizes of dungeon and special boss stages.
  • A comprehensive EDITOR, to create your own levels and publish them online.
  • ONLINE LEVELS feature, to play user's created content in Adventure or Puzzle Game modes
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As you know, Paper Dungeons is already complete and provides many hours of gameplay. We keep improving it with your valuable feedbacks (a HUGE THANKS for that!). Paper Dungeons is currently on v1.12, with lots of bugs fixed and many new features. You can check our changelogs on our website.

We are implementing a version 1.13, more stable and with new features: Introduction to the game, Paper doll with stats for the fallen heroes in the Hall of Fame, some dice powers that won't be replaced anymore when you roll a new power.

With all that planned, we still want to push our game concept further and implement 3 different MULTIPLAYER MODES!
After all, a boardgame is even more fun with friends :)

These 3 multiplayer modes will be released as soon as we finish to program them, in this order:

1) CO-OP:
Play the Adventure campaign with one of your friend. Turn by turn action with shared XP. The players have 6 action points by turn and must act before the end of a timer.

2) PvP:
1 to 4 players play against each other in an arena filled with monsters. This mode will present a new type of dice set with special powers against other classes. Players will received rewards in form of a special currency allowing them to buy those special dice and even the normal dice sets from the single player modes.

1 Dungeon Master vs 1 to 4 players. Players cooperate against traps and monsters, controlled by another player posing as the Dungeon Master. This original mode will also introduce the possibility to unlock Monsters' dice for the Dungeon Master to use and equip his minions.

Single player modes are not forgotten! At term, we plan to release more Puzzle levels.
We would also love to extend the sharing levels system, with the possibility to create full story-driven campaigns, where texts and pictures will be used to introduce a group of created levels.

As you can see, we got a busy schedule ahead. I hope you feel as excited as we are!
And of course, we are keeping our ears tuned for your inputs and feedbacks!

Paper Dungeons available in the bundle "Build a Greenlight5"

Paper Dungeons available in the bundle "Build a Greenlight5"


Build a Greenlight 5 : Now's your chance to win a Steam key for Paper Dungeons (if our baby is greenlighted)! Paper Dungeons is part of this game bundle...


Very nice graphics, and the gameplay looks great ... but it is extremely similar to Desktop Dungeons

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paifu Creator

We wanted to create a new heroic fantasy boardgame, customizable and adaptable to many differents gameplays.
With a base mechanic borrowed from games like Desktop Dungeons and Diggers, we offer 3 games in one, keeping in sight the tactical aspect for each player's move.

I hope you can try our demo to see that Paper Dungeons's gameplay on the 3 games mode feel really different from Desktop Dungeon.

You can try our Demo on GameJolt :

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