Dungeonmans requires the XNA 4.0 Redistributable to run! Please download it here: Microsoft.com

Dungeonmans: The Heroic Adventure Roguelike! Set out to explore a vast continent with dark dungeons and ancient ruins, meet your foes on the field of battle, and snatch up all the loot you can carry along the way.
Build up your Dungeonmans Academy, a persistent bastion of knowledge that serves as your home base! As the Academy grows, graduates gain more power, and fallen Dungeonmens can pass their wisdom and experience on to future graduates.
Fight fierce monsters in tactical combat where position and clever use of powers matter! Build your hero any way you like: choose powers from any number of mastery trees and design the champion you want. Spellcasters in plate mail? Dual wielding archers? The choice is yours.High adventure, dangerous combat, incredible treasure and a sense of humor. Welcome to Dungeonmans.

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Better Dungeons, Tougher Monsters, and Brand New Secrets.

The best Dungeonmans experience yet. Full patch notes can be found here:


Let's go over the major improvements!

New Dungeon Layouts. Explore improved and expanded dungeons, with more opportunities for movement and tactical combat. Discover secret doors and hidden rooms in unexpected places. Treasure, danger, challenge, and strangeness all await. Be wary of teleport traps that will wisk you off to locations unknown. Don't want to land in the center of one of those bee rooms!

Increased Challenge
. layer magic damage has been toned down, and some monsters made stronger. Except that one guy, you know who. The Dread Spire contains greater challenge than any other location in the game. A new tier of Champion exists! Should you find and defeat one of these Ancient Kings you will be well rewarded.

Ranged Combat Changes. Reduced firing range for all ranged attacks, read more about it here.

Better Overworld Travel. The Cartography mastery allows you to avoid ambushes entirely as well as instantly teleport back to the Academy from the overworld. Best of all, no more enemy encounters in Trivial areas!

Hidden Legendary Weapons! Unravel the secrets of ancient war and call forth history's weapons to the battle of today.

Enjoy the game, and support the game!

If you have a good time with the game, tell your friends, and consider supporting the Dungeonmans Kickstarter! This game can't reach its full potential without your help!

Dungeonmans 1.05a Update

Dungeonmans 1.05a Update


A fix was implemented for some players outside of the US that was causing instant crashes on start up. Sorry about that!

Dungeonmans Summer Preview 1.05 playable now!

Dungeonmans Summer Preview 1.05 playable now!


Grab the latest version of the Dungeonmans Summer Preview and test yourself against a greater collection of enemy champions!

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Dungeonmans Summer Preview 1.07

Dungeonmans Summer Preview 1.07

Demo 2 comments

The latest version of the Dungeonmans Summer Preview! Crush monsters, get loots, explore a dangerous world and build up your Dungeonmans Academy. Download...

pandemicennui - - 2 comments

You NEED the XNA runtime to play - if you can't launch the game at all, get it: Microsoft.com

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Johnyliltoe - - 219 comments

My first run at Dungeonmans. Watch me stumble along the hard path!

Such a great game. I highly recommend!

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AdventureProGames Creator
AdventureProGames - - 2 comments

Dive in head first, true Dungeonmans determination!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
CYON4D - - 276 comments

Looks nice, tracking.

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AdventureProGames Creator
AdventureProGames - - 2 comments

The Summer Preview is available now if you want to give it a try! You can download it from here at indiedb or from www.dungeonmans.com

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