Overload is a 2D space RPG, shooter and sandbox game currently in active development, which will ultimately feature fully online play, multiplayer, sandbox/mod support and even crafting in its final release. It’s designed to have some of the look and feel of an old-school retro space shoot-em-up, but with quite a modern kick. Although the game has not yet been released, our alpha development builds (usually released at least weekly) can be accessed by pre-ordering the game).

Right now, Overload is a fraction of what it ultimately will be. In the game’s current state, you can explore the cosmos, land on planets/moons (on which you can mine resources), avoid solar flares, asteroids, alien species and other such dangers of outer space, as well as dock with motherships and space stations in order to refuel, stock up on supplies, level up and upgrade your ship. The game features some aspects of an RPG even at this very early stage, and also features the foundations for networking (you have the option to enable LAN networking on the settings screen), though this system is very basic, so the game is a long way off from the MMO that we hope it will soon be. The game also features a sandbox mode (though it is relatively unstable), which allows you to customize the cosmos, create your own constellations and terraform planets/moons to your own liking.

For more information on Overload, and to see the latest development progress in real time, visit Heilon.com

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The first alpha build of Overload (v2.5.1) has been released to all of our pre-orderers!

In this build, the following features are functional:

  • Endless gameplay (exploration, simple crafting, ship upgrades/level ups)
  • Sandbox mode (unstable)
  • Basic networking (saves player progress online, unstable)

Remember, you can pre-order the game at Heilon.com if you want to try out this build. Pre-ordering only costs $5.99, you get instant access to all our alpha builds, you support us so that we can continue developing Overload, and you get the opportunity to chat with other pre-orderers in the secret pre-orderer forum.

If you have already pre-ordered, this build should be available on your pre-order page, as well as on the pre-orderer forum.If you have any questions or comments about this alpha build, please email us at contact@heilon.com.

To find out more about Overload, and to hear about our development progress in real-time, check out Heilon.com !


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