Enter the narrative rich open world of Hyperventila in this adventure filled space fantasy RPG.

You take on the role of a starship captain thrown into an extraordinary situation. When three time travellers mysteriously appear on your ship, you can help them or use them to conquer the galaxy. Break free from the chains of your sanity and let yourself loose on this galaxy with powers of magic and science!


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Good news everyone! The multiplayer component of Hyperventila has hit the digital store shelves on Steam.


Join up to nine of your friends in a game of terror and intrigue.

A crew has been has been assembled but some of them start behaving strangely. Find out who has been taken over by a hostile alien lifeform and try to keep your friends alive.

Complete jobs onboard your ship and stay vigilant.
Play as the ship captain, the scientist, an engineer or security specialist.
Each class will have different abilities to combat the alien.

Multiplayer - Checking on rat traps
Put the stunned space rat in the box

Hunt down your friends and don't get caught. Set the ship on fire if that is what it takes. Leave no survivors.

The ship's on fire!

Putting out fires and starting fires

There are three maps currently in the game.

The first is Shipyard. On shipyard the crew must repair the ship that's in for maintenance. But an alien creature may have also been on board.



Second is Outpost. Perform maintenance on this isolated space station when an unknown ship arrives with seemingly not a soul on board.


There's a body in the control room

Thirdly there is Gateway. The station has gone dark, find out what is going on and get it back up and running. Why not have a drink in the bar while you're at it.


Game and campaign updates!

Game and campaign updates!


The IndieGoGo campaign is nearing 10% of the goal and some new perks available; I'd like to update you all with the latest in development!

Hyperventila is now live on IndieGoGo!

Hyperventila is now live on IndieGoGo!

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Hyperventila has started its crowdfunding campaign! Watch the video, share the word!

Hyperventila has joined the Steam Summer Festival!

Hyperventila has joined the Steam Summer Festival!


The free demo is out now! Play it during the Steam Summer Festival! This demo features its own unique campaign, side quests and characters! You can also...

Hyperventila 2020

Hyperventila 2020


Taking a look at the previous year and what the future will hold for Hyperventila: The Game. I will be discussing artwork, Kickstarter and a the withdrawal...


Something to look for.

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