A large Utopian city.

Crime is far beyond normal, and private research facilities are the prime targets. Millions of dollars of technology have been stolen, but for what?

4 aspiring detectives arrive to investigate.

The leader, who can pull information from steadfast suspects. The joker, who sets traps with high risk but high reward. The brains, who challenges the strong and sees connections in random clues. The curious one, who perceives details in any crime scene.

Will you search for light or fall to darkness?

Will you bring them together or drive them apart? Will you be lead by your partners or your friends? Will you brave the path alone or risk everyone?

Outbreak: The Madman's Wrath

is an upcoming adventure game. Explore the city, discover crucial clues, and interrogate suspects. Programmed by Tiger Oakes, written by Hoku Subiono, and drawn by Lauren Trunick, a band of rookie detectives must discover that there is more to this city than meets the eye.

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Gameplay Concepts


Hello folks!

Yesterday I completed the base code for platforming and dialogue in the game. When I began using the built-in Box2D system, I found the character was slipping around the world. I've rebuilt the platforming system using raycasts to check for collisions. Most of the code is based upon CharacterController2D by prime31, but I've made some adjustments for controller support and customizable controls.

Currently the character can jump around, go through one-way platforms, and walk up slopes. Animation states are in the code now, but I don't have the assets yet (which is why we have a spaceman jumping about).

The dialogue system is fairly polished now. I've built it using the UnityGUI system, which most devs seem to dislike...

After the assets are ready and we have some more code in, I may create a trailer for the story. We'll see if that happens. See you next update!

New Art and planning animation

New Art and planning animation


New art and plans for the future, for Outbreak: The Madman's Wrath.

Theme Music!

Theme Music!


We have potential theme music done for Outbreak. I really like this music!

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