Othercide is a turn-based strategy game where the lore and game mechanics are tightly intertwined to deliver a twisted, dark and demanding experience.

Key Features

  • Breaking the turn-based standard: Introducing the Initiative Sequence system, you will experience a new way to predict enemies' moves and execute a flawless tactical plan. Foresee danger and set up attack interruptions, devastating delayed actions and lethal reactions. You will have to wisely time attacks and defenses to overcome your adversaries.
  • Brutal gameplay: Including roguelite features, deadly missions, limited resources, and permanent death, every decision counts and comes with a sacrifice, of resources, or in blood!
  • Memento mori: As you confront the deadly creatures of Othercide, awake your Daughters and unlock memories of a mystery past. With those mementos will come incredible powers or terrible traumas for your Daughters. What will you be ready to sacrifice to ensure victory?
  • Never ending war: Survive, protect and defend reality from shattering, try to endure as long as possible while facing terrible and sometimes deadly choices. Even in defeat, new truths are learned, and options arise as sacrifices bring you closer to success.
  • Striking art style: Othercide invites you to dive into an ethereal horror dimension, in-between two realities, brought to life with a dark and twisted monochromatic style, with a touch of vivid red.

Oh, my Dear… Can’t you remember anything? What was sleeping beyond the mirror is now awake… The Other is getting stronger. It suffers… It suffers so much. There is an eternal war between our two worlds. How long can we stand …?

How long before those nightmares shatter our reality? If we fail, nothing will remain…

Lead our Daughters in this desperate struggle to push the Others back out of our reality. Think carefully my dear as each decision you’ll make will come with a sacrifice…

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Development update about the special effects from Othercide, the upcoming tactical turn-based game

Ideas and Pre-production

Some actions of the Daughters and enemies from the game have to be paired with gorgeous special effects. For each action, we ask Simon to make some FX and this process can be quite long.

Othercide rocket special effect

First, he has to think about what it should look like. Through this conceptualization, he makes use of his knowledge to adapt the FX to each character, action and general mood of the game.

It is important to watch a lot of movies and play different video games to get inspiration. But it can also come from things that don’t have any FX such as sculptures, and basically art in all its forms. For one of the special effects he made in May, he took inspiration from lightning-throwing ennemies that appear in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Othercide lightning special effect

He then find a global shape for the FX that can be easily recognizable so each FX is different from one another. He also defines its colors, this step being surprisingly complicated even though the game is in black and white.

Each FX has to stand out from the level colors so he has to choose different tones and shades. As a quick note, black and white are used for enemies in the game while red and white are used for the Daughters.

Creation and Techniques

As Simon said, there is no miracle recipe. In fact, he has to use and assemble many techniques to create FX such as drawing, 2D, 3D, programming, fluid simulation techniques, shader…

With Shuriken in Unity, he starts by creating shaders and defining how the effect and particles will behave. This tool allows him to make the global shape of the FX.

One FX can be made from different effects and particles. In here, we have the smoke, the white line on the floor, the particles ejected (sparks, water drops…) and more.

Othercide slash special effect

Finally, after the FX was validated by our Art Director Alexandre, Simon uses Timeline in Unity to decide when to trigger the effect for each character. Phew, it’s done!

That’s it for today, we hope you liked these work in progress FX! June is going to be another busy month and we can’t wait to share new updates with you again. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on our social media and wishlist our game on Steam to support the project!

Othercide: New Gameplay Trailer

Othercide: New Gameplay Trailer

News 2 comments

From March 18-22, we were in San Francisco to attend GDC and show Othercide to journalists from all around the world. No need to say it was an incredible...

The Last Savior: The Shieldbearer's Class in Othercide

The Last Savior: The Shieldbearer's Class in Othercide

News 2 comments

We already introduced you to the Blademaster and Soulslinger, so it's time for us to show you more about the last class of Othercide. Today, let's take...

The Spirit Shooter: The Soulslinger's Class in Othercide

The Spirit Shooter: The Soulslinger's Class in Othercide


This week, let us introduce you to the Soulslinger - formerly known as the Gunslinger - the second class you can find in Othercide ! Nizar and Alexandre...

The Razor's Edge: The Blademaster's class in Othercide

The Razor's Edge: The Blademaster's class in Othercide


There are three distinct archetypes within the Daughters of Othercide, each one of them with their own strengths and weaknesses. Nizar and Alexandre...

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MustachioedMarmot - - 21 comments

A splash of arterial red in a world of black and white is intriguing. What ultimately made you choose this particular color combination? Apologies if this has been asked ad nauseum or was already answered in the articles.

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LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

Great visuals, love it!

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LightbulbCrew Creator
LightbulbCrew - - 4 comments

Thank you so much LunarShuriken! :)

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