OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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Cross-posted from oresomegame.com, this guide explains the workings of the game's 'bot' units with what is hopefully an endearing humour.

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Bots are your actors for the OreSome corporation, controlled but left clicking on the one you desire, then flying with the direction controls (and Lateral Thrusters, if the upgrade is acquired). Check ‘Options’ for key bindings. Some can dock with planets, all can dock with hardpoints on your frame based structures, just but flying into them. The brake key slows them down and undocks them from planets. They are bought by dragging them from the bottom right buy menu into a valid build location (denoted by a light blue circle). Most have an active ability and all are described below.

Builder Bot – Main bot. Lose this and lose the game in a fiery explosion. Of death. Allows construction in a sphere around it. Has a number of abilities that can be bought from the buy menu, along with a mining drill that can be fired with the active ability key. While loosed, it can be steered with the direction keys to gather ore. And you’d better, damnit! There’s bills to pay – and they’re not paying themselves. Not until we get that Biller Bot working, and the legals had something to say about that on the last attempt.
Boomer Bot – You’ll find a steady supply of Boomer Bots to be invaluable in protecting your assets. Not to them of course, they’ll be too busy exploding on a hair trigger. We hear they’re thinking of unionising. Poor working conditions and all that. Clearly, the only way to solve that is it nip it in the bud – with more explosions! Use the Destructium upgrade to add red ore and increase the mine’s explosion radius – and set them off when they get uppity with the active ability key. Attaching to your own frames is possible, but ill advised.

Binder Bot – Binders are known for their close knit community, they’re hard to know, but when you do, they’ll never let go. Unless they’re destroyed, of course. Fasten Binders to other bots by fueling them up with blue Linkam ore and right clicking on a target bot while the Binder is selected. With the Celestial Binding upgrade in hand, right click on suns to attach to them too – and steal their power for your own nefarious purposes (Legal Department: Please stop writing this on memos, it makes our life very hard). Right clicking on the Binder itself changes modes – Wall Mode rebounds anything that touches the binding and Trigger Mode will fire of a pulse of power to any attached frames. Traps and contraptions very much encouraged. Hold active ability for Electro-Pull – zap anything along the bind path and generate Linkam while the bind changes in size.

Booster Bot – The mainstay Booster Bot is your go to drone whenever you need a scout, or an engine to push something around. Equally at home docked to frame hardpoints or to planets, they’ll work many times harder when they are. Research has been trying to find out why they’re so comparatively lazy when unattached. Whips were suggested for motivation, but they haven’t yet caught on, so until they do, just enjoy their advanced speed and thrust, especially with the afterburner upgrade, which in no way should ever be used as a flamethrower. Happy now, legal? (Legal Department: Yes. )

Breaker Bot – Breakers’ll take apart anything, ore, other bots, each other if they’re looked at funny. With the right upgrades, they’ll even do the good stuff automatically. Cheap and cheerful, their drills are the most cost effective destructive force known to the company. If there’s one thing the company can do well, it’s cost effective. Active ability key to use that drill – just remember to steer clear of populated worlds!

Blaster Bot – Developed for the use of breaking up asteroids for ore, and definitely not for shining at OreQward’s Cat Labour Quarry during break time. I swear I can hear that place from here, and there’s not even any sound in space! Anyway, these bots will target hostile forces automatically when docked with planet or hardpoint. With Superlaser upgrade and green Energite ore to fuel, they can be fired at anything they’re pointed at. Trouble with the neighbours? This bot will be your best friend.

Barrier Bot – Apparently, despite their shielded nature, Barrier Bots have a friendly, warm demeanour. That may be due to their overcooked power cells though, so perhaps hold off on the hugs. Power with blue Linkam for increased bubble shield radius and add a dash of green Energite for strength. Hold that active ability to raise and lower shields – you won’t be firing out while they’re up and shooting your own defences is always embarrassing – and the company has a strict death for embarrassment policy (Legal Department: I honestly don’t know where he’s getting this from. Oh, Form 741B, of course. Don’t mind us. ). With the Overcharge upgrade hold that ability key for a mite longer and that shield turns green and deadly to anything it touches. Careful with it, people have lost fingers.

Buffer Bot – A hard-working little bot, but fragile, this healer’s always on the job. Deploy a few of these and the damage will just roll off like it was never there. Stir in a pinch of pink Thinkon and cyan Constructa ore and you’ll have a roving ability booster – just remember it’ll affect other corporation bots too. Fraternisation between companies is strictly frowned upon – and bots are no exception!
Brainer Bot – Brainers are so close to knowing your next move before you do, that frankly we are expecting to replace all employees with them, just as soon as we can teach them how to work a stapler. The lack of hands has so far proved problematic. Not only can they research the remains of biological entities to improve our tech, like the Builder, but they can also dock to control hardpoints like them too – no more risking life and robotic limb for every task! Their active ability is to confer that brainpower on a single other bot – hold the Braining Beam over the target for a moment and it will fight for you without input – even if it used to be another corporations. Not that we would ever advocate stealing. Ahem.

Blower Bot – These guys are just full of hot air. Never hook up a translator to them, they’ll have your ear off. Similarly, avoid triggering their orange Repulside ore powered active ability to nearby, or you’ll find your ear located in a nearby sun! Speaking of which, the boffins have worked out an upgrade that’ll boost the blowing power when the bot’s near a sun – Star Synergy, if you can afford it. They’ll automatically try and blow away threats if deployed in a hardpoint. Get moving those planets pronto, they aren’t going to shift themselves!

Bonder Bot – Tug boats to the stars, or at least frames, just nudge up against any part of a frame and it’ll join up, for easy rotation. Upgrades include Sink Hole, which pulls in local objects with moderate power and more importantly, Grav Launchers. Spend some of that hard earned purple Gravium, and hold that active ability button. When the missile’s where you want it, release that key for doom! I’ve given up trying to find justification for these things, doom is just fun! DOOOOOOM!

Bridger Bot – Coming Soon!

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