OreSome is a 2D strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them. In a dying, decrepit universe full of foes, build up your forces and mine your way to the top of the food chain to explore further and further out into the void. By the time you're ready, you'll be powering light speed jump drives with stars, building Death Star style super weapons with black holes and in charge of the largest scale mining operation ever known to man -- all working for one of humanity's least scrupulous corporations -- and there's a lot of competition.

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svleur says

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Brilliant game! It feels like a crossover of 'Asteroids 3D' and 'Miner Wars 2081' and 'The Incredible Machine'.

For a 2d strategy game, it has great graphics. The quests and places to go seem endless. The gameplay feels very arcade like and makes the adventures in space so much fun. I have only been playing for a few hours and I'm hooked.

For me the only down side is it crashing, which is logicall considering it's an alpha version. I will add that for most computers it seems to be a stable game.

Looking forward to the updates, keep up the good work!


I like the game idea I like the graphics style I like the whole game but Game Engine have problems with OLD graphic cards.But still this is awesome game.


pysiu says

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Controlls might cause some trouble at first (not everything is obvious on the first glance) but after some time they feel natural.

Kind of hard to swallow for new players in it's current state due to above reason but it is still in development.
If you manage to swallow this pill however, lots of good taste is guaranteed.

The game offers a huge sandbox universe and doesn't limit what/where you can do or go (well, some grinding for research might be needed if you don't want to use cheats ;))

The Developer seems to be a nice and responsive person, which gives me confidence that this game will become even more awesome.

I`ll update this review/rating along with game updates.


great game so far hopefull to check it out on maltiplayer


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