One day you wake up, and you're not in your house anymore, but locked up on Alcatraz! Can you escape and figure out what is happening? This is an adventure game, but with Rogue-like styled maps. Walk around to find objects, characters and do whatever it takes to escape! But think before you act: one wrong move and you will go back to your cell... Get immortalized in the game! The first 10 players to finish the game will have their names PERMANENTLY RECORDED into the high score list! Game is also available on Blackberry Playbook and on Windows Phone 8!

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Indie Prize Showcase


"Escape from Alcatraz" was selected to be displayed in the "Indie Prize" showcase @ Casual Connect, in San Francisco on July 22-24th.

So Icon Games will be attending it's first international event!

Be sure to visit us there and play the game! And if you like it, don't forget to vote for us!

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