Offline is an unorthodox quest where the solution can be found in your mind and not on the screen. When the time comes, you'll understand.

The setting is an old apartment where the walls hide something bigger than it may appear at first glance.

Night draws in outside the window, a breeze from the street flutters the curtain, and the space is softly bathed in the glow of cathode rays... Isn't it lovely here?


  • Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a post-Soviet apartment with an interior full of detail and air heavy with the spirit of a bygone age.
  • Feel nostalgia for a long-forgotten past or discover something entirely new.
  • Look at the world through different eyes, there's more than just fun to be had here.
  • Compile the whole story by finding the answers to each of the questions that are bound to occur as you progress through the game.
  • Test your cognitive skills—Offline's riddles require attentiveness and a lively mind.
  • Solve puzzles using the built-in notes tool.
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Offline is a story-driven puzzle in which the setting plays a key role. Pay attention to detail and look for connections, ask yourself questions, and never forget the bigger picture, learning to read the symbolism that surrounds you. Are you playing?

See full information about the game on Steam. Add to your wishlist if you like it!

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