Occult Mystery is also about these things too:

  • Tactical turn-based system - A combination of bothFire Emblem tactical system with 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragon combat system. Basically combining the ease of Fire Emblem with the added complexity of 4E DnD.
  • Time-based gameplay - You have limited time in the game to proceed with investigation or anything else. This is designed to give more weight to your decisions and results henceforth. For reference, I use Persona 3 and 4 calender system to design this feature.
  • Quirky Personalities - While the title of the game seems depressing and scary, the general tone of the game will mainly be light and comedic to balance out the darker aspect of this game. I can’t say much without spoiling the plot so let’s stop here.
  • Logical Thinking Required - Unlike other mystery game, you don’t have to click every single sprite of the screen for fear of missing out a vital item/clue. The clues are given based on the plot. However, you still need to connect the clues together to form the logical train of thought that will solve the mysteries in the game. On a totally unrelated note, I am a huge fan of Phoenix Wright games.
  • Lastly, No Magic is Cool Theory - Many people hate bullshit ending. Or bullshit unrealistic solutions by the power of pixie dust. I do too. While the game is steeped in otherworldly mysteries, this is designed firstly as mystery game to be solved by lateral thinking, not as a magical masturbation game.
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Progress Report 24-01-2014


Finish the town map featureYou can choose to do what you want in this menu but each action cost time, which you have very limited supply of.Except for shopping, which you can do repeatedly with no time cost, provided, of course, you got enough cash, which you got a limited supply of, ;-)Demo will probably be out by next week Tuesday or Friday. Cannot make it by this week. X-(

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