Oak is a first person psychological thriller where the player steps into the mind of a grieving mother. After losing her son (Sam) in a sudden series of tragic events, Olivia embarks on a journey of a lifetime. Join her while she traverses the vast wilderness of Washington state in an attempt to mend the grief and spread Sam's ashes. However, there is something lurking in the woods... and it won't let Olivia overcome her troubles without a fight.

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Status Update - Jan, 2017


Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to be back online and sharing more news for all of the fans of the game. Thank you for your continued support. Back in December (2016), Oak was nominated for the IndieDB 'Best Upcoming Indie'. We didn't get the win, but that's OK. I can't thank you all enough for supporting, sharing, and voting on the project's success. In addition to that, we also reached top 3 on the charts for a brief period, which was simply awesome!

Since the last update, there's been some major changes to the project. I'll start by addressing the elephant in the room... Oak is now under development on the Unreal Engine 4. There are several major factors why this change was made, but it ultimately helped the project on a such an important level. I have been working very much to make sure the port is smooth and quick, along with keeping the game at its roots. Oak is nothing but better from this transition, and I'm glad we made it sooner rather than later!

In other news, I released a quick Environment Test/Teaser on my YouTube channel. There is a link in the project profile, under “videos”. Here is also a link!

What you see in the video is a simple camera track with different Time of Day and in-game environment changes. These will be featured and are a major aspect of the world of “Oak”. Not only did this help showcase aesthetic, but I also factored some “stress testing” as well. The game runs at a solid 60fps on Ultra-Settings, and the world looks just gorgeous. Oh, and below are two stills from a cinematic in the game.

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There is so much more I'm looking forward to sharing with the community. Recording for voices should be underway soon, which means more promo, updates, and possibly a new trailer for y'all! Be sure to follow the project for updates and whatnot... Thanks for reading and supporting!


Quick Update - 12/3/2016

Quick Update - 12/3/2016


A quick status update in regards to the production of Oak, along with a message to supporters.

Developer Diary #1- Greetings

Developer Diary #1- Greetings


In the first DevDiary for Oak, I will overview a few different aspect of the development of the title. Along with some brief explanation to the overall...

Jared@Retrospect Creator

To those who watched the Trailer and enjoyed, saying it means a lot to me is an understatement. To quickly preface, my name is Jared and I am the creator of "Oak". Please feel free to leave a like, comment, share, subscribe, whatever the things a person would do to support a project! (If you don't want to. That's fine, too.) In reference to the story, Oak is a rather heavy game... I want to make this page as upfront and fun as possible with you all in spite of the incredibly real themes. So with all of that being said, thank you for reading and I look forward to the coming months of updates, news, answering of questions, etc.


-Jared Brooks

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