o7 Capsuleer! This is a minimalistic pixel game of space, mining, scanning and researching. Here you can click space sectors, scanning them. You should earn isks and skill points to buy ships and make your first fleet. You can collect solar energy, find mineable asteroids or non-mineable asteroids, planets, ice fields, comets, nebulas, solar batteries, stations. ===== I'm planning to publish weekly / two week updates for the game, so please check for the game updates to get them and explore new ships, space objects and missions. You may also check game url (my twitter account) to contact me and get the latest game news. Fly safe.

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Hello, guys!

Welcome to my minimalistic game, "o7 Capsuleer!". It's a free game of space, mining and exploration. Much like Minesweeper and Dungelot.

I have a dream of making comprehensive space game like EVE Online, but designed specially for mobile devices. So here is my first step in making the dream come true. It's a 0.1 playable prototype. And I plan to publish one / two week game updates, introducing new game modes, features and art. So, please, follow me on twitter @andrew_chuprina.

If you play the game, could you please give me some feedback, answering these questions:
* Did you complete game mission?
* How many isks and skillpoints did you get?
* Your training time
* Any ideas or suggestions you would like to be implemented in the game

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