You will begin on a single planet with minimal resources and begin your research and construction. Once you have progressed enough to leave your home planet, you will venture into the galaxy to colonize and expand. This is when the game gets interesting, because you're not the only one trying to claim galactic supremacy. Initial release will be single player only. There are plans for multi-player in the near future. Release date is as yet undetermined, however, I am progressing well and am expecting to release the game in the next few months.

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I've slowed a bit on development. I'm having a little trouble designing the aliens. Once the aliens are designed, I'll need to write a bio for each one then integrate those into the diplomacy section.

Also, I also need to finish the research tree. I think I'm about 2/3 complete. There will need to be some sorting to maintain a logical progression. I mean you can't have string theory before atomic theory now can you?

And, it's still not named.

Release is still on track though.

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