The game pretend to be an Arcade/platformer tooking references of "Another World" and various games but as most minimalist possible with some logic/puzzles.

If you think my previous game Ninja Twins was hard, wait the hell in this game!.


The character will be always moving in one direction and when touch with any wall will change his direction.

You only have 3 keys to control it: Jump, Slide and Shoot.

With this 3 keys you will can move and do anything in the maps.

The main objective is get the user always in concentration, you always will need to push any button in X time to avoid the death. Also, when you die you will start automatically from the last checkpoint.

Some logic/puzzles/interactions

Also, sometimes you will find a computer or a control panel on you will use the mouse to manage/solve the puzzles for:

- Activate the elevators
- Unlock sectors
- Turn off some spikes
- Decrease the power of anything to pass X zone

The puzzles/activations will be from the most basic ones to the most complicated thing you ever seen.

Why only 3 keys+mouse?

Because the game is also planned for mobile devices and i not like much the virtual pads. For this better control the game with 2 keys(Jump and slide) with one adititional for shoot some enemies or break some wall.

The mouse will act as the touch in the mobile devices that will give the users some moments of relax when they find a computer/control panel to interact, solve some puzzles,etc...


Still not defined but this retro style using 16 colors is the best option actually. Again and equal as Ninja Twins, i prefer concentrate to continue learning MMF instead of spent too much time with the gfx.

The original screen is 120x80 resized by 8 with the result of 960x640.

Platforms that will be available:

Windows, Mac, Linux, Flash, Android/iOS and Android COnsoles

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First Gameplay Video


First Gameplay Video of No Time To Stop!

Also animated cutscenes like Another World or FlashBack coming!

The first screen still need some details like shadow in the deactivated elevator, some lamp moving with intermitent light, some fly near the lamp and better light/shadows but well now you can have an idea of how will looks the game.

Now the idea is finish the rest of the first screen details, add the first panel control puzzle, some hidden doors and create a gameplay video with the first screen solution showing all or practically all the features of the game.

And now it's time to work! i hope all you like it!

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