Mython Island is a monster catching RPG featuring an Open Island Adventure mode and a dedicated Survival Mode influenced by roguelikes! Open Island Adventure's story based level scaling and difficulty settings allows you to take on the story in any way you wish!

Story or Survival!

Embark on your Mython Island journey by selecting one of three different Mython and experience the Open Island Adventure or experience the prequel story and other survival modes including receiving a random team of Mython or choosing your team and run settings in Draft mode!

Explore an Open Island!

Set out on your Island adventure and take on the story of this adventure featuring complete story based level scaling, difficulty options, and many Mython for you to discover! Complete your Mython Log, build a team from over 100 different Mython, and help out the King of the Island!

Select your Path!

Survival Game Modes offer generated paths for each run! Each path offers choices which allow you to select your way forward. Including fateful encounters, shopping for items, hidden power shrines, story related events and more! These generated choices for each path offer a unique gameplay experience for every playthrough!

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Hello everyone! Visionstead Studio here happy to say that Mython Island is complete! I've uploaded version 1.0 and it is now live for everyone. This marks the full release of Mython Island. To celebrate to game will be featuring a 25% launch discount, many thanks to everyone who supports my game.

Steam Page: Mython Island

Mython Island is releasing with an Open Island Adventure Mode, 3 Different Survival Modes, and over 100 unique Mython to encounter and collect. Version 1.0 brings fixes to a handful of bugs in the game as well as improves on optimization. More details can be found below.

I sincerely want to thank anyone who has given this game a chance, it's been a long journey to get to this point but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support from players over the development process. Thank you all.

Mython Island is now content complete with all of the features and Mython I wanted to include. I hope that everyone who plays enjoys their time with the game. If you wish to be part of the community I have a Discord server setup below. Feel free to stop by with any questions or just to say hi!


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Come join the community!

Otherwise for future updates please follow Twitter.

Below you will find the list of fixes.

Thanks once again for supporting Mython Island.

- Visionstead Studio

So What's Changed?

- Fixed Graphics Changes not Saving Properly in Menus (Visual Bug)
- Improved Post Processing Effects for Better Performance
- Adjusted Colliders in various areas within the Island Adventure Mode
- Adjusted Cursor Display Settings
- Added various props to Island Adventure Mode
- Fixed Battle AI to react to situations more intelligently
- Adjusted Shop Prices for Certain Items in game
- Improved Compression for Game Files

Mython Island Adventure Update! Version 0.2.0!

Mython Island Adventure Update! Version 0.2.0!


Mython Island's Open Island Adventure is here! With brand new Mython, skills, items, and an open island to explore!

Mython Island Available Today!

Mython Island Available Today!


Mython Island now available for Steam Early Access!

Mython Island Release Date Announcement

Mython Island Release Date Announcement


Mython Island releasing on Steam Early Access on December 21st, 2020.

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