Do your best to survive in a constantly regenerating world infested with myths from all around the world.

Planned features (everything is still in development):
-Box world that constantly regenerates around you (screenshots)
-Crafting system (craft weapons, tools, armor, building materials, etc.)
-Making potions (potions to heal, run faster, hit harder, etc.)
-Building (walls, foundations, roofs, defensive walls, etc.)
-Dungeons for each monster (each type of monster has his own dungeon with his own boss)
-Monsters with their own behaviors
-Day-Night cycle
-Controller support

-I will post Devlogs often to show the process of MythBox

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MythBox Devlog 14


:( I didn’t have time this week to work on my game.
:) This week I don’t have anything to do, I will have a lot of time to work on MythBox!!!!

devlog10 6


devlog9 6

devlog11 5

devlog11 3

devlog9 1

(I know I already used these screenshots)

Bigfoot, World generation - Mythbox DevLog 13

Bigfoot, World generation - Mythbox DevLog 13

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This week I did a lot more than last week, I figured out Bigfoot's behaviors and I worked a lot on the world generation to optimize it. I added the stone...

MythBox Devlog 12

MythBox Devlog 12


This week I almost didn't work at all on the game. I did Valentine's day special screenshot on twitter (@SnowraphP).

Monster AI, food - MythBox Devlog 11

Monster AI, food - MythBox Devlog 11


This week I tweaked monster AI script, added blueberries wich you can pickup.

NEW MONSTER, Crafting System Update - MythBox DevLog 10

NEW MONSTER, Crafting System Update - MythBox DevLog 10


This week I made a new monster, added a new item and reworked on the crafting system.

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