Assume the role of Michael, an ordinary guy who discovered the underground pathway leading into Dargratt - the unexplored underground kingdom. Michael meets the royal family through an odd set of events and coincidences, and now it is up to them to decide what is going to happen with him next...

  • Spend a day in the underground kingdom - meet, explore, unravel!
  • Meet flamboyant and deep characters - Inhabitants of both worlds, the one above and the one beneath, who are eager to share their stories and vision with you. While they may ask you for help, it is up to you whether you are willing to help them or not.
  • Explore both the game's worlds - the underground city and nearby districts, the castle with its inhabitants, the mysterious home town on the surface as well as the characters' residences await exploration. Things might look ordinary, but how ordinary are they, and what lies beneath?
  • Uncover a portion of the main storyline and side quests - You will gain access to the introduction of the game, which will gradually immerse you into the underworld with its laws, beliefs, events, and inhabitants. The more you investigate - the more you learn, and be rewarded with additional stories to tell and events to experience.
  • In-game gallery - The in-game character gallery will allow the most dedicated and curious players to learn more about the characters you can meet while playing Mondealy. Discover how they were created, their history in-game, and the inspiration behind them.

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Mondealy is out!


Hello, dear players!

Mondealy is out. We thank our fans and testers, and welcome new players to this beautiful escape from reality.
What a journey we had! Your journey, however, is only about to begin.

In Mondealy you'll experience a cozy atmosphere, a sense of escapism, and deeply personal characters in a pixel art style. Mondealy is a fantasy world where one beautiful night you discover the underground kingdom of Dargratt.

During your stay, you get to know the inhabitants and even the princess herself, who will lead you on many adventures. You can learn about the characters, their relationships, and the world as a whole. It's up to you to discover what misfortunes may await in the magical and picturesque kingdom!

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Still in doubt? Enjoy this free demo!

Also available for Nintendo Switch:

America eShop:

Europe eShop :


join the Discord server of the game, it's the easiest place to contact me, the developer!

Mondealy Release Date Announcement

Mondealy Release Date Announcement


Greetings, dear players! The date is finally picked, after a long-long time.

Mondealy State of the Game - November 2022

Mondealy State of the Game - November 2022


I've spent the past month focusing on the story, improving the old work in progress, and all sorts of other little things. This post will be smaller than...

Mondealy State of the Game - October 2022

Mondealy State of the Game - October 2022


Hello, dear players! As much as I would love to create posts like this monthly, it doesn't always work out. Since then another person has joined the development...

Take a look at the newest Mondealy developments!

Take a look at the newest Mondealy developments!


I had a lot of rest and procrastination, but still managed to do some useful things for the game. Also, another delay happened. Presumably, the game could...

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