Moduwar - The Modular RTS is a unique take on Real-Time Strategy.
Take control of a Modu - an alien creature with an ability to grow different organs, split and re-attach them, depending on your personal playstyle.

The Modu are native to the planet Arkadia - an untamed paradise. They lived on Arkadia peacefully for millenia, changing and adapting their modular bodies to accommodate their every need.
Their peaceful existence was interrupted when invaders came - two warring races, fighting in a war started in a different galaxy.
Both races enslaved the Modu, and weaponized their miraculous adaptability.

You will take the role of a Modu serving the ERE - Earth Repatriation Expedition. You will be exploited by humanity to fight their monstrous enemy.
Will you free yourself from the shackles of the ERE, or will you accept the lesser evil in a war that might determine the fate of all life in the universe?

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We are proud to present, our next #screenshotsaturday video!
Moduwar's level 2 - the water jungle! :-)
(turn sound on)

Check it out here:

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And then there was a mouth!

And then there was a mouth!


Our pretty mouth is finally in-game! And it is fearless :-D


Very Interesting Concept Indeeeeeeeeed

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Reminds me of the Zergs from Starcraft.

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I'm proud to present, our next #screenshotsaturday video! Moduwar's level 2 - the water jungle! Slightly smiling fa…

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