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Post tutorial RSS Instant Character Model Porting Tutorial (Updated on 8-23-2019)

After going through on previous tutorials and by trials and errors, I upgraded sample file and modding pattern to have more accurate and easy porting method with various fixes, which I would like to share with the community to have everyone able to port their desired characters to game without much trouble.

Posted by on - Intermediate Skinning


Character Animation Model - Updated 9-7-2019 - Mega

Character Animation Model - Updated 9-7-2019 - Media

Character Animation Model - Updated 9-7-2019 - Drop

Character Animation Model - Updated 9-7-2019 - Google

Official 3d Max to MOW Exporting Plugins Link

Gerrys Mod to 3D Max - Google Drive

Gerrys Mod to 3D Max - Dropbox

Garry's Mod to 3D Max - Mega

Garry's Mod to 3D Max - Media Fire

Combine Pack Updated on 23-8-2019 Media Fire

Combine Pack Updated on 23-8-2019 Mega

Combine Pack Updated on 23-8-2019 Google Drive

Combine Pack Updated on 23-8-2019 Drop Box

Special Note:

-For easy porting, apply skin over this SKELETON ( Google Drive , Dropbox ).

1st Step:

-There are various 3d model types but you can only import/merge .OBJ formate 3d models for porting. So first step is to have some model samples from deviant art and some other 3d model sites by following:

But to convert model from other formates, most likely XPS, you need XNALara XPS

Important Note:

By XNALara XPS, change character pose and height according to 3d Max Skeleton or in other words match XNALara XPS Skeleton same as 3d Max Skeleton, for example, select palm or hand of character in XNALara XPS and give it same X axis, Y axis and Z axis values as in 3d Max, does same to all bones in XNALara XPS, by that you don't have to rig it in 3d Max and your exported model from XNALara will accurately skin on 3d Max Skeleton due to same pose as of 3d Max Skeleton and you can save hours of moving and placing mesh in 3d Max, where you just need to fix minor mesh issues according to provided video.

2nd Step:

-After conversion open provided sample file and import/merge converted or downloaded model (open the file with in folder of "Without Mesh).

-Now follow following Video and Pictures for rigging character, adjust skeleton over object while if your object is in multiple parts you can combine it in to one by attaching, while you can also import in single mesh but I recommend to import in multiple part so you can delete unwanted parts on character, where also make sure that maximum skin covers the skeleton, adjust it in that way, so you don't have to make much adjustment after rigging (but make sure don't change any pre-set properties of sample file, as I set it with fixes in it):

1 5

2 4

3 4

4 4

5 5

6 3

7 3

8 5

9 3

10 2

11 2

12 2

13 2

14 1

15 1

16 1

17 1

18 1

19 2

20 2

21 2

22 1

23 1

24 1

3th Step (Optional):

-Fix for opacity of objects:

some object or models have opacity issues mostly happens with hairs, so find that hair related material file in skin directory to follow following method:


To fix it, just port them as they look in picture, while change values with in files to fix it and also delete and replace texture files from model source folder (where .OBJ file is) to EXPORTED model/skin folder (where skin.ply file is):

apply optacity 1

So please comment and share this tutorial while all credit goes to Bethesda Softworks and KONAMI for sample models.


Very helpful I now how to make skins but canโ€™t get the shoulders and arms wieghts to work nice or look nice in game but you help me out thanks

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can i use something instead of 3D Max?

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GameJoJo Author

Sorry, but there is no other way around.

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Maybe i'm just an idiot, but the tutorial is not clear at all, the videos explain nothing and some of the instructions lack contest so for people who dont know much about these programs its really really hard to follow

for example "-After conversion ATTACH => Skin to Rig Model"
Ok but how? D:

Edit: I have the character fully rigged now but when I export I get some errors:

Node Armature should contain Model or xmodel parameter
no type parameter set for node armature
Node body should contain Model or xmodel parameter
no type parameter set for node body
Nothing to export! probably the root node is hidden

I didn't use the skeleton in the tutorial because i couldnt figure out how to import it, maybe that's why. I'll try again...

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I rigged and am using the proper skeleton now and it says the same but only for node body and without the nothing to export

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GameJoJo Author

All shown in picture from first to last, like attach button shown in 2nd set of pictures, thats why pictures are in sequence, what you have to do is just follow it, like import option shown in 2nd set of pictures, same goes for export, you have to exactly chose those option sequence as shown in picture, also I showed in last set of picture that how to "UNHIDE ALL" before export, cause those errors are simple, it happens because you didn't followed last step accordingly.

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damn this is helpful but i cant afford 3ds max xD

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GameJoJo Author

Sale kidney, buy 3d Max, its worth it, believe me or you can buy it on credit and never payback, as crime never pays ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

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i mean who even needs kidneys am i right.

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Hi!Is this wors with call to arms?

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I'm using Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 because I have sh*tty laptop, I can't load those skeleton due to outdated apps. Can you downgrade those file?

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