MelonDash is an interesting spin on racing games. Instead of driving a car of some sort, the player controls a colorful watermelon with personality. The watermelon can roll forward pretty fast, so the player has to balance speed with caution. Roll the watermelon into a rock (or a pig), and SPLAT - your round racer pal turns into fleshy melon chunks. The player races against other watermelons, each with their unique personalities. There are several powerups scattered in each track. Some powerups (like TNT) are offensive - great for turning your foes to juicy smithereens. Other powerups are passive (like the Boost), allowing you to speed past other melons with style. The game has arcade-style gameplay and it is tailored for mobile/web.

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Latest posts from @melondashgame

Play MelonDash on iOS or Android

Apr 21 2015

MelonDash is now available for iPhone! Also free thru September.

Sep 18 2014

MelonDash has just been released on iTunes!

Sep 6 2014

Hello #TestFlightApp pilots! You are invited to beta test our watermelon racing game on Android/iOS.

Feb 4 2014

MelonDash is almost done! Play the latest version online or request an Android/iOS beta invitation!

Feb 1 2014

Play MelonDash on Kongregate! Just released today.

Jul 20 2013