This prototype will focus on single-handed swords, but the scope may be expanded (as necessitated by testing) to include two-handed weapons, knives, spears and unarmed fighting.

We plan to release this prototype to the community as it progresses so that we can incorporate real-world player experiences and feedback into the development.

The success, and the lessons we learn, during this prototyping phase will contribute directly to a number of more complete game concepts. The prototype is, therefore, a step on the path towards larger and better things.

We are currently bug-testing our first set of features, and we are seeking team members to advise us on certain aspects of the code and on the Animation Graph system. If you feel you can contribute, feel free to get in touch.

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Hi everyone,

If you're following this project, or just glancing at our profile, you might be interested to hear that we are currently bug-testing a few core features. Once we get the bugs ironed out, we'll be posting another, longer, more sophisticated demonstration video.

In hunting down the bugs we currently have, we would be hugely appreciative of the attention of anyone who is familiar either with code in general, or with the CryEngine 3 Sandbox Animation Graph system. We don't want you to do the work for us (unless you would like to add this project to your portfolio), rather we'd love to be able to consult with an experienced user on a confidential (but fully credited) basis.

In short, we're looking into coding a new "stance" and then having that stance set by the code when we perform a coded action. If you can help with this specific problem, please get in touch :]

Although we're focussing intently on gameplay at the moment, if you feel you could make a contribution in another area of development, don't hesitate to get in touch :)

Yours sincerely,

Ilsamir Lord

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