So at the beginning this Match 3 was planned as sound/music focused game (but since our "sound guy" disappeared when half of art was done, we made a choice to save graphics but change focus onto gameplay)

What we have for now:
100 - human designed levels;
5 quest types;
2 game modes;
4 power ups and bonuses;

What is in development:
endless mode;
raid boss fight;
new power ups;
50 levels with absolutely new quests;

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Charged with a holiday spirit! I'm pleased to announce that now you can find our latest game "Music World Match 3" on Google Play. In live version we have added some new content compared to beta.

Get it on Google Play

Whats new?

Endless mode

We have created a challenging game mode with sudden death mechanics and we still are searching for middle ground in balance, however even now it looks pretty fun and interesting.

endless screen 1 Endless mode Screenshot

New obstacles

Blocking box - completely blocks your way, it can't be destroyed using power ups, so to get rid of them you need to make any match nearby.

Blocking obstacle

Reworked ice - in beta people pointed out issues with ice graphics, so we reworked it a bit, here is a comparison between new and old versions:

new ice blockice block 2

What`s next?

Well for now we are working on Windows/IOS releases, but also we want to add more content as soon as possible, so probably in the next month we will be ready with a boss fight and a few new puzzles! Stay tuned!

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