Punch-out style bull fighting game. You play as the bull avoiding Trump's attacks and charging against him when he's vulnerable. Trump will build a wall to protect from your attacks.

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Hello to all. Matador Trump is available for download in Google Play.

Download Matador Trump

Play as a bull and defeat the Matador; an orange yellow-haired old man. He builds a wall to defend from your attacks. Time your attacks correctly to make him suffer.

Once he attacks, he becomes confused from the effort; that is the right moment to charge! So avoid his attacks and then counter, in a punch-style fashion.

Matador Trump will be released Jan 20th, 2019

Matador Trump will be released Jan 20th, 2019


Matador Trump to be released Jan 20th, 2019. Punch-out inspired bull fighting game, but you are the bull.

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