Legends speak somewhere in space of the mystical planet Orion. Created by the Ancients, it remains unclaimed due to a powerful Guardian that orbits the planet and keeps out intruders. These same Ancients long ago fought a war against the Antarans and banished them into another dimension. Now... long after the Ancients empire has vanished, new races take to the stars, wishing to establish their own star empires, defeat the Antarans and become... The Master of Orion.

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Dynasties is a mod for Master of Orion 2 (DOS version) that improves the gameplay to a long run game where every tech matters. The unmodded game is very quick and the basic techs are there just so you have something to upgrade. This is no longer the case. Each new tech requires very expensive research so everything you can get your hands on, either by researching or by spying other players, is valuable and can be a game changer. Defenses are also much stronger. Conquering a well defended planet is no easy task.


This mod is powered by O2M, a modding tool that is reasonably easy to use. O2M has a strong graphical interface allowing everyone to edit existing mods or make new mods in a very nice and comfortable way. O2M actually stands as a front-end for the Unofficial Fan Patch 1.50, which in return fixes loads of glitches and crashes, and adds new features, bringing a new life to the game.

o2m shot1
o2m shot2
o2m shot3
o2m shot4
o2m shot5
o2m shot6
o2m shot7

Disclaimer: The authors of UFP have packed some of their own mods with the patch. O2M includes a lite version with some of these mods removed. You can get the full version of UFP from their site:


You can download Dynasties & O2M from the link below:

Please check installation requirements in the download description.
Enjoy playing Master of Orion 2 once again!

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Dynasties Full Version 1 comment

Dynasties is a mod for Master of Orion 2. Techs are harder to research and defenses are strong, making games much longer. It includes O2M, a powerful...

Master of Orion 2 Unofficial Patch v1.50.22

Master of Orion 2 Unofficial Patch v1.50.22

Full Version

Fixes an abundance of game rules and interface bugs, as well as a multitude of crashes, stalls, and synchronization errors related to the multiplayer...

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